gaining at the end of the world

chapter 1 entering the bunker

(This is a mutual gaining story set at the end of the world. It will have xwg, sexual content, force feeding, pig play, stuffing, immobility, and whatever else strikes my fancy while I'm writing it. The first few chapters are primarily world/character building in nature. If you just want to get to the feedism stuff, start with chapter five)


As I entered the ten digit combination to release the primary lock and pressed my thumb against pad to release the secondary lock, I couldn't help but think back on the two years that had lead up to this seemingly improbable circumstance. I never even knew that my late father had built this elaborate doomsday shelter, let alone that he would leave it to me as part of an inheritance, yet here I was opening a hefty latch to climb down into a bunker to live out the rest of my days. Like me, my dad had been engineer during his life, but he was also a bit of a conspiracy theorist. Who knew that one of his prognostications would come to fruition?

Two years had passed since his death and I had spent the majority of the time pouring over his extensive research notes and journals, searching for a reason as to why he felt the need to build such a massive safe house for the end of the world. It became somewhat of an obsession for me and I eventually bought in to his theories and decided to prepare myself for civilization's end.

My dad had envisioned his bunker housing a family of four for decades but I was alone in the world and had very few close relations. No family. No really close friends. Definitely no partner. I eventually accepted that I would likely be down in the bunker alone, which fuelled another obsession of mine, gaining weight.

I never had the guts to actually go through with it in real life, but as I had come to accept that civilization was in its final chapter, I started fantasizing about creating a gainer's paradise down in that bunker. A place where I could stuff myself on a daily basis and grow as massive as possible. The fantasy drove me wild. I almost yearned for the day that I would lock myself down there and begin fattening up. After months of contemplation, I decided to make my fantasy into reality.

The food stores were already in place, I just had to supplement them with some extra fatty treats. I also had to make some modifications to the bunker to ensure that it would be adequate for my growing body. I wanted to grow to a massive size and I had to prepare the space and all the support systems to accommodate that. Once everything was in place, I simply had to wait for the world to fall apart.

And it did, only two years after my father's death.

The first two months in the bunker were absolutely incredible. I lived out so many of my gaining fantasies and just ate whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. I had made sure that the food supply was filled with so many delicious options that I would never had a problem finding something tasty. While the world burned above ground, I gorged myself below.

I rarely wore any clothing, opting instead to eat and live in the nude. My belly became more and more distended every day as I stuffed myself while watching my extensive library of movies and tv programs and playing hours of video games. I got high, drank plenty of alcohol, watched an obscene amount of porn, and pleasured myself multiple times each day. I was living a life of endless debauchery and the earliest signs of my indulgences were showing on my once trim figure. I could feel myself transforming into a fat pig and I loved it.

Yet I was a little lonely. I had desperately wanted to find someone to share my gluttonous life with, but it just never happened. I didn't want to invite just anyone to spend the rest of time with down in a bunker. I wanted to find someone with whom I shared an actual connection. I also wanted to find someone who wanted to gain with me. I had plenty of food, just no one to share it with.

I had all but resigned myself to my lonely but pleasurable existence when I heard the proximity alarm go off. Using the remote, I switched the television feed over to the closed circuit cameras hidden outside the bunker. I hadn't looked outside for weeks and I was shocked with what I saw. My father's old house had been burned to the ground and the trees were bare despite it being the middle of June. The wind blew hard, shifting debris every which direction. It was evident that civilization had fallen and gangs of miscreants roamed the land preying on the weak.

The alarm had been triggered by a young woman who was staggering through what had been the backyard of my dad's large property. She swayed back and forth as she strode toward the concrete patio that had survived the fire. As she reached the stairs, she fell over and didn't move for a number of minutes.

The rational side of me thought that I shouldn't venture out of the bunker, but this woman was in bad condition and looked like she would not survive long without any aid. I couldn't just leave her to die out there, so I made the decision to go retrieve her and bring her down to the bunker to heal up.
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Maybemollies... 3 years
I’ll write up a chapter this weekend though. It’s been too long.
Maybemollies... 3 years
Pregnancy is not really my thing. I could come up with some bullshit reason having to do with the apocalypse, but really I just want to write about feeding and fucking.
Big Easy 3 years
I know you haven't updated in a while but I just found and read your story, and it's amazing! I really hope you do come back to this story and continue it! It would be awesome to see if thy reach 2000 lbs and/or have children.
Skinnyguurl 4 years
With all that sex, why is she not pregnant yet?
Maybemollies... 4 years
We’ll see where I go with it. I like the situation and I’m gonna probably write a bunch of what if scenarios after I finish the main story. Just one or two cheaper long vignettes that explore various kinky situations.
Maybemollies... 4 years
You’ll have to wait and see!
Theswordsman 4 years
How are they going to get food after immobility?
Maybemollies... 4 years
Thanks for reading both to Zachiepants and everyone else. I’m really loving writing this and I have lots of plans for the future with it. I’d love to chat with anyone who is interested in this stuff. Not looking for a hookup, just love to talk feedism.
LeandroAlex 4 years
Brazilian- Portuguese

Acho que Jéssica não tinha que ser dominadora e ficar só nas 400 libras afinal o bunker é do James .... Ele sim teria que engorda-la extremamente fazendo ela ( Jessica )passar das 600 libras
Built4com4t 4 years
Brilliant scenario .... Defitely following this :-)