gaining favor

Chapter 1: So Here It Come

I need a tell you this. I think you maybe be the only person I tell.

This my real story. I tell Hansel, he publish it, word by word, he promise. He say it be safe. He say people call it fiction, so I safe. This the community who want to hear it, he say. I just gotta share with someone. I damn afraid. But anway. That Someone = you.

I grew up pretty skinny I guess and I liked it cuz I think the people like it. But now I in college and far from home. I eating all what I like. And I gaining weight, gotta say, pretty fast... faster than I thought was posse.

So here it come. How now I got lil pudge where I thought only other girls could have. How now I got lil pudgy belly fat, lil pudgy pussy fat. I thought was because I comfort eating, like they say. Say girls, boys, everybody, they eat when they far from home. They got new lifestyle. They studying. Got new priorities. Freshmen pudge. It all make sense, right.

But that not me. I got the will force, friend. And you can do to break your back tryin a get me a budge. So something not right, something upside down, and I think I know what. My professor tryin a get me a be one a his "muses".

My first class. Contemporary Mythologies, whatever. He call role. He got the vampire eyes, you know? The real gray blue kind, ice, like freeze you? He call me out and I just lookin at him cuz I cannot say anything, and he look me down, he look me up, and I frozen. It turn me on so hard, so hot it like a magic trick. Fuck that. But now I dreaming of him. And every class, it like that. Like he make my kitty tingle just by a look, and he know it, and I know he know it. Like inside my mind, and I cannot tell if I like it.

So then I listening to his voice and he teaching the whole class but he looking around and he look at me like he already own me. Then I blush and be hating on him but that hate fire only make me hotter, so I don't know which way up, damn it.

That day one. Now we whole semester in and I got so much more to tell. The way things have developed be ... very confusing...
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