gaining for love

Chapter 1

Ned and Sara had dated for almost a year. Sara was short and slim, being five foot two, and weighing only one ten. Ned was a bit over weight, being five foot ten and weighing one ninety.

They really liked each other. Sara did not mind Ned being overweight, she liked a guy with a “little meat” on him. Ned liked Sara very much, but her slim figure did nothing for him. When they made love, Ned had to really work imagining Sara getting fat just to get it up. Ned would try subtle ways to get Sara to gain weight, but she would see through his plans and not gain.

After several months, Ned and Sara decided to break up, no one dumped anyone, it was a mutual decision to go their separate ways.

Ned started to date Tina. She was as small as Sara was, but she was enamored by Ned’s weight. In fact Tina was an FFA, she loved fat guys and especially fattening them up.

She wasted no time in starting in on Ned’s waist line. She insisted they go out to dinner often, Ned made good money, so this was not a problem. Tina would order large entres for herself and Ned and then feign not being able to eat anymore, insisting that Ned not only eat his own dinner but hers too. She then would order deserts and pull the same thing. Ned liked her and being an FA himself, he did not mind over-eating.

But Tina, was even more adamant than Sara was about not gaining any weight. She worked out when she was not around Ned, keeping herself very skinny.

Ned of course ballooned to over two hundred and thirty pounds. His waist went from an overweight thirty eight to a fat forty-four. His thighs and butt too became perfectly round and soft. Ned now jiggled when he did anything.

Standing in his bathroom one morning, admiring Tina’s handy work in the mirror, his belly now sagged over the waist band of his favorite brand of men’s bikini briefs, he had a three inch roll of fat around his love handles and another roll on his thighs squeezing out of his tight briefs.

Sara started dating Dan, a total hard body she met at the health club. Dan was the opposite of Ned. He was taller and leaner, standing six feet and weighing one eighty. He treated Sara okay, but she always thought of being more of a possession to Dan, rather than his girl friend, or even potential mate.

She was really starting to get comfortable with Dan to move in with him. One day at the health club, she came around a corner and there was Dan “sucking face” with his personal trainer, Heather.

Sara blurted out, “What is going on, Dan!” He just chuckled, “Well I guess we are done, Sara!”

Sara stormed out of the club, dressed only in her workout bikini and tank top, she grabbed only her wallet and a few things from her locker and left, never to return again.

Sara was crying, hurt, humiliated and hungry! She stopped at a donut shop and picked up a dozen of her favorite donuts, then to Mickey D’s for several burgers, a couple of shakes, sundaes and fries, lots of fries! She then stopped at Cold Stone Creamery and got the largest order of her favorite treat. Sara drove home with her stash, put her car away and into her condo for a well deserved binge!

She gorged on the rich, fattening food, stuffing herself lying on the couch, putting in mouthful after mouthful. Dressed only in her work out bikini, she lay around all day, falling asleep several times she was so stuffed.

Around six she ordered two large, deep dish pizzas. When the doorbell rang she started for the door and then realized she was dressed only in a bikini, with a now bulging belly, she grabbed her robe and answered the door. The startled driver could only stare, as Sara’s robe was not tied very well exposing her dietary indiscretions bulging over the waist band of the bikini panty. She paid him, giving him a good tip. The driver stammered, “Miss you just call us anytime, I will be here in fifteen minutes!” Sara giggled, “Is it that obvious, what I am doing?” The driver blushed, “Well the way you are dressed and all the wrappers lying around, well yeah kind of, Miss.” The food was really making Sara feel better, she undid the belt around her robe letting fall open, she stuck out her bloated belly, patting it, “You’re right and now I am going to add these to my tummy!”

She thanked the now thoroughly embarrassed driver, though turned on and closed the door. She stripped off the robe, plopped herself down on the couch and started to stuff the rich pizza into her mouth! It took her two hours to stuff all of the pizza into herself. Sara staggered to bed around ten thirty too bloated and lethargic to do anything else.

She woke up late the next morning, two hours later then she usually gets up on a Saturday. She used the bathroom, still dressed in the same bikini, she looked at her still bloated belly, patting it, she thought, “Time to fill you up again!”
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Fanedfox 12 years
jktab, Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks
Jktab 12 years
GReat start both characters are realistic and the scenario entirely plausible. From here you could expand on their mutual FA'ness and mutual gain. hope you add a couple more chapters
Fanedfox 12 years
Thanks for the feed back!
Kamina 12 years
Good potential; whether their storylines cross again or continue in seperate prossesions you'll have the male and female FF's reading along.