gals on the town

chapter 1

Brie, Audrey and Jan go clubbing. On their way. Back to their hotel, they hear a horrible sound. Being 3 short, thin and busty gals, they naturally feared predators. They walk some more and come upon a sign. It instructs them to go down a small alley. In the alley, they see a man
Hey ladies! I'm Sean! Hope you don't mind I get to know you guys a bit better!"
He reached for a tranquilizer and shot them all. They awoke in a kitchen. "Where are we?" Brie asked.
"I don't know but the more important question, why is there a huge vat of ice cream there?"
Sean interjects, "hey! Welcome to my kitchen!"
Sean puts his hands on Audrey, the bustiest and fullest of the trio.
"Hey! Hands off"
Sean gives her a spoon and the rest a spoon
"You all will eat this entire vat. You will not stop until all of it is completely empty."
The girls all looked at each other. They shrugged and got into the task. The girls dove in. They all were nervous because they had worked hard to keep there attractive bodies but they couldn't resist. They are and ate and ate. The tight dresses began to look tighter as the food babies came in.
"Omg were fucked! Look at our bellies! I can't tell if I hate this or fucking love this!"
Sean left them over night. The next day the vat was empty. 3 fully nude girls lay on Sean's couch. They all were hugely over weight and wanting more food. The girls all awoke to a buffet of Donuts, eggs, bacon, sausage and all other breakfast foods. The girls sat down to eat. They forged themselves again and took yet another nap to calm their stuffed bellies. Audrey, the most attractive of the bunch, had gained the most weight. A skinny 130 was now a ruddy
245. Her boobs sagged down to her belly. It acted as a shelf for them. Her ass was a beanbag chair and her thighs were now huge. She loved the food the most and would grow the most. They sat around all day and waited to be fed again. The other two had trickled off and went on with their lives. Audrey however, stuck around and ate everything that was out in front of her. Months went by and she was enormous...
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