gamer boys

Chapter 1

I glance at my phone on the dashboard, checking to see if I’m headed up the right street for this delivery. I’ve been to this house a few times already this week but the amount of food I’m bringing every time makes no sense when there’s no sign of anybody else in that house. As I pull up to the house I take one last look at the order in the app and check all the bags. I close the last bag and get out of my car, going over to the passenger’s side to gather the food. There’s at least enough food to feed a family of 12 this time around and I cringe at the thought of being a single person eating enough for 6 people. “My stomach would burst from eating this much…” I think to myself as I walk up to the door and knock.

I wait for a minute before knocking again, wondering what’s taking so long. I decide to not watch my clock tick away and by the time I go to knock again it’s been 5 minutes!

“How long does it take to get to the front door?” I think to myself, the door swinging open as I raise my hand to knock.

I’m immediately taken aback by the sight in front of me. A mountain of a man is standing over me, wheezing and dripping with sweat as he slumps up against the doorframe. His oversized t-shirt is somehow too small for him with his belly audibly slapping against his blubbery, dark brown thighs. It doesn’t even look like he’s wearing any bottoms but I see the slightest sliver of blue fabric trapped under a massive side roll near his wobbling ass. I swallow nervously, trying to focus on the task at hand.

“O-order for Matthew Blanche?” I ask and in that moment the man I now assume to be Matthew, suddenly lurches forward with a flabby arm extended.

“Please just hand me my food! This happens with every fucking delivery driver, I swear…” He gasps at me with a pained groan as he continues to try and grab for the bags in my arms.

Hearing him pant and gasp like this sends my heart racing and all I can think of is how much he has to eat to stay this big. Images of him wheezing and panting while shoveling food into his flabby face makes my dick throb hard enough to bring me back to earth.

“Forget it, just bring the bags inside for me.” Matthew pants at me from the doorway, struggling to stand upright and turn around. Without thinking I squeeze past him and manage to drape his wobbling right arm over my shoulders. The taller man turns what little neck he has towards me and stares at me in confusion.

“W-why are you helping me? Do I really look like that much of a helpless whale to you?!” He pants in my face, every word struggling to leave his mouth as he waddles around a corner.

“I wouldn’t say helpless but in need of some support on that poor back? I’m surprised you don’t have a walker or something to help you get around easier.” I blurt out, cringing at my own piss poor excuse to get closer to him.

The heaving mass of medium-brown blubber abruptly stops just shy of a door away from what I assume to be his bedroom. Taking another look at him, he takes his arm off my shoulder and braces himself against the wall to his left as he struggles to catch his breath. Sweat drips from every visible roll on him and with every wobble of his shuttering body he gasps and pants desperately for air. My dick throbs hard when flops his jiggling arm onto my shoulder again, putting most of his body weight on me as he prepares to start waddling again.

Matthew gingerly starts shuffling along with somewhat renewed vigor until he shoves open his bedroom door. While still coughing and panting for breath Matthew waddles through the sea of food wrappers and bottles littering the floor of his room. My member jumps at the sound of his computer chair cracking under his immense weight and I hope he can’t tell I’m hard as I finally hand him his food.

His dark brown eyes light up with joy upon opening all his bags and seeing all his food is there. I linger for a few seconds and watch on as Matthew’s fat hands shovel fries and chicken nuggets into his wobbling maw. Before my dick can burst through my jeans I turn and start walking for the front door until I hear him wheeze out my name.

“A-Angel! I almost forgot your tip!” Just as I’m about to pass the threshold of his front door I turn on my heel and go back to see what tip he’s going to give me. I poke my head into his room and to my surprise he’s holding out an 8th and a $10 together.

“Is that my tip? Well that’s a first!” I chuckle, stepping over the mountains of trash in his room to retrieve it.

“It’s the least I can do for snapping at you earlier and still helping me into the house… It hasn’t been too much fun living alone at this size.” Matthew’s eyes meet with the food bags sitting on his shelf of a gut and he starts sniffling through his wheezing.

“Hey, I know I’m just some doordasher but if you ever need any help or want to get to know each other I can totally give you my personal number. I’ve got a little experience being a helping hand to someone of your…size.” I suggest to him, taking my phone out of my jeans pocket and holding it out to him. Dark brown eyes look up at me skeptically while he continues to pour fries in his mouth and chomp on burgers.

“...Fine. It’s not looking good for me since I don’t even know how big I am and struggle doing everything now. Give me your number.” Matthew grabs his phone from his computer desk, handing it over while I hand him my phone.

A few moments later we exchange phones again and I turned to leave. Walking down the hallway, I hear his food bags rustling again followed by muffled and labored wheezing. I pick up the pace as my dick throbs to life hearing him breathe so hard. I make it to my car and take out my phone, staring at my contact list. I hover over Matthew’s name for what feels like a millennia before tapping it to message him.

“I know you’re a gamer too so I have to ask, do you play any multiplayer horror games?” Exasperated from this endeavor of a doordash delivery, I put my phone away and drive off for my house.

10 minutes later I arrive home and the moment I cross the threshold I drop my jeans to my ankles. My briefs are soaked with precum from how hard I was earlier and my cock starts throbbing yet again at the mere thought of Matthew. Only one other guy that huge has made me this inconsolable horny and his name was Sean, from an episode of My 600lb Life. I shakily start rubbing my dick and my knees going weak.

The memory of Sean’s episode starts mixing in with images of Matt. Two gasping, heaving, mountains of lard waddle their way through the hallways of my imagination. I can’t help but let my mind drift to having these two men on their backs, sweating and choking on their massive tits panting at me to find their tiny dicks. I whimper as I leak into the palm of my hand. I keep rubbing and run my other hand up to my chest to play with my nipples.

Images of Matt immobile and helplessly gasping for air while I fingerfuck his fatpad is enough to start the familiar tugging knot in my gut. I jerk my dick fast and hard, so tantalizingly close to my release. My imagination cooks up a few more images of Matt pathetically wheezing at me for to help him get off, breathlessly wobbling his own lard before whimpering that he’s too fucking fat to wobble himself to orgasm. I stop stroking my dick in an effort not to cum too soon and its agonizing while I wait for the knot in my belly to lessen a bit. I sigh in relief before moaning loudly in pleasure, rubbing my dick again. I fantasize about Matt’s smothered little penis letting out his dribbling load in my mouth while he wheezes through mouthfuls of food and that’s what sets me off.

“Oh fuck!” I groan, my dick throbbing wildly as I keep rubbing myself. I can’t help but to buck against my palm like I’m bucking into Matt’s thigh rolls while he’s bent over the kitchen counter stuffing himself. A second climax in the middle of my first one hits me hard and my knees give out. I rub my dick as fast as I can for a few more seconds before finally stopping. I sit up against my front door and look at the mess I’ve made on myself and my doormat, dreading the clean up. I instead take my phone out of my pocket and look through my messages, seeing Matthew texted me back.

His text reads; “ive only played phasmo but i heard devour is pretty good! We can play sometime soon if you add me on steam. Here’s my friend code: xxxxxxxx”

I can’t help but smile at the message, planning to invite him to a game of Devour with some of my other friends next weekend after I get off of work.
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Lovergainer 4 months
This is awesome! You need to keep it going! smiley
TeaAndBiscuits 6 months
These guys have got to get together! Really hot, good writing also.
Fanedfox 7 months
Well written and I like your characters as well.