getting fat for the guy at work

chapter 1

Charlotte had been working at the food supermarket for about 5 weeks now, she was 19 and weighed 130 pounds. With a pretty face, along with dark hair, friendly and confident, she hoped her 1st every job would help her meet new people as well as trying to find a long lasting relationship with a man. The store had plenty of people that worked there that was around her age but most of them was already in a long term relationship. Also no one was really that social there. She had hoped this job would help to meet someone but she started to think this was not working out.

Charlotte had just finished college and worked part-time on the checkouts, she didn't like nor hate the job, she just turned up and got on with the work like most people there would. she also lived at home with her mum, who was always on her back to get herself a man. She did feel pretty lonely while all her friends had boyfriends of their own.

One day, Charlotte shifts had changed, she no longer did mostly morning shifts and instead now done evening shifts. She sat there on the till, realising how quiet the store became during that time of day. It was just coming up to about 8 and while Charlotte sat there on the till serving no-one, the night staff walked in ready to swipe in and get to work, then that's when Charlotte saw a guy in the stores uniform walk in. She instantly felt attracted to him, he was a good looking guy, brown hair and and average, athletic size build. She was staring right at him as he walked past, he looked at her slightly with a half smile then looked down on the floor and carried on walking. For the next 2 hours of her shift she kept thinking about this guy, she wanted to know his name and if he was single.

It got to around 10pm, the stores closing time, Charlotte got of the till and spoke to Allison the checkout manager who was doing the paper work,
"Who was that young guy who walked in with the night staff?" Charlotte asked trying to dig for more information.
"Oh, you mean Ben?, he works night shifts at the moment, his a nice guy, 24, bit shy" Allison replyed with
Charlotte wanted to ask if he was single but didn't want to make it look obvious, so she turned round to go swipe out for work as her shift was now over, but then Allison added with "his single if your intrested"
Charlotte smiled as she turned back round, trying to act innocent and made out that she was not digging for information. She said good bye to her boss and swiped out, as she walked to the locker room from the shop floor, she went past the aisles trying to look for this guy, she got past the drinks aisle and saw him working down there, putting stock on the shelves, she debated about walking down the aisle to get to the locker room but she didn't want to be obvious about getting his attention and she worried she might look desperate so she went down another aisle, Charlotte swiped and left the store and walked home, still thinking about this Ben guy and that smile he haves her as he walked in, she now had a reason and something to look forward to go to work, other than earning money, and that was to see him again. She got home, had dinner and went to her bedroom, she layed in bed with her phone out looking at her Facebook and searched for Ben, she found him and checked his profile and looked at his photos, each picture made Charlotte more attracted to Ben even more, she also saw his profile said that he was single.

She went to work the next day, hoping to see him but it was his day off as she looked at his rota, she was gutted. She saw what day he worked and which he had off, she saw that Friday was the next time that they would both see each other.

Friday evening came and Charlotte sat there on the tills looking outside, and there he was parking his car outside the store and walking into the building, she watched him walk past but was disappointed that he didn't see her. Half hour later Charlotte then went to go have her break, she got up off the checkouts and went down the drink aisle, she took a deep breath and walked down the aisle
Ben looked up and saw her, he gave her a smile as Charlotte smiled back with a big "hey, you alright?"
"Yea, I'm good, your new here right?" He asked
It was just small talk, but she loved talking to him, he felt arkward cause he should of been working instead of talking, the pair talked for 4 minutes and Charlotte told him she had just finished college and now worked here, they both joked how bad it was to work there. Then Ben ended the conversation saying it was nice to meet her and that he had to get back to work.

Charlotte had her break and went back to the tills, replaying the conversation she just had with Ben. It got round to closing time, and Allison the checkouts manager came over to her till,
"I saw you having a chat with Ben" she said with a cheeky smile
Charlotte shyly smiled back
"Yea he seems like a nice guy, sort of hoping he would ask me out" she replied
"Well I'm not sure your his type" Allison said looking round to make sure no one else was listening to their chat, Charlotte was shocked
"Why? What is his type?" She said with a confused face.
"Well, I think he likes bigger girls, I've seen him had 3 girlfriends and each one was chubby, he won't admit to it but he likes a girl with curves" Allison said
Charlotte didn't know how to re act, the guy she liked didn't feel the same way about her, because she was too thin and wasn't big enough for him, she got of the till to swipe out and as she did Ben walked past her, but he just smiled and walked past her without saying anything, she was gutted. She left work and went home to her bedroom and sat on her bed, scratching her head. Thinking about being rejected for not being fat? It confused her. She went to bed but struggled to sleep.

Hours past and Charlotte could not fall asleep, she really liked Ben and wanted to go out on a date with him, she added him on Facebook and kept looking at his pictures wishing he would ask her out.
Then she started to think,"why don't I just put on weight?" She started to ask herselve, she has been pretty slim all her life, she no longer had college or sports to take part in, she never experienced being overweight or pigging out on junk food. She heard that men like a girl with curves and she didn't really have any to show. She kept thinking about if what Allison had told her was correct but she couldn't ask Ben if that's what he liked, he wouldn't admit to it. Then Charlotte made a decision, that she was going to put on weight, to see once and for all if Ben really did like a bigger girl, if he didn't then she would just lose the weight, it was an excuse to let herself go, eat what she like, experience what it's like to get big. This was now to start to her weight gain.
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Jazzman 6 years
Great story. Could you Try to spell certain words correctly? It would read so much nicer.
Your beautiful. NO
You're beautiful.
I'm to full.NO
I'm too full.
You're a gifted writer with good pacing and characters.
Champ 6 years
Great story! I hope you continue!
Jazzman 6 years
Very nice story.Great Plot Great Characters Great pacing. Worst grammar in a while with they was.Bad spelling with past when you mean passed. But It is a Great Story It's Awesome. Keep going 😁