getting him back

Chapter 1 - finding the shop

'h-h-he just hit me' i thought. Hes never done that before. He never used to scream at me either. Its this new job hes so stressed and upset about it. He used to be a fire fighter when we met, they fired him. Ironic huh. He missed being a fire fighter and took it all out on me. He had to get a job to pay the bills because my wage wasn't big enough and at the time he was nice about it. He saw i really enjoyed my job in the local bakery and told me to keep it because i loved it. He then found a job in computer admin and took it. Thats when things went downhill, see, when we got married he was my dream guy 6ft4 180lbs fairly muscular but no 6 pack and he was the most kind and caring man youd ever met.
That day i went out to do the weekly shop. I was just going to the last shop to get his cigarettes - a new thing since the new job that i hated because it made him constantly smell like an ash tray. When i saw a shop that id never seen before. I stood there for moment wondering why i hadn't as it had obviously been there for a while as the paint was flaking off the sign. I decided to take a look inside. It was like a witchcraft shop there was dried plants hung upside down from bits of string, a cauldron infront of a fire, loads of little glass viles and some dolls with pins in their hands. I was just turning to go when someone said-
"i can make your pain go away my dear"
I whipped around to see where the voice had come from and saw a figure in the corner coming towards me. I started to shudder, i wasscared.
"don't be frightened deary i know you miss him i want to help you"
"im a witch i can give you a potion that will make him into the man you want"
"how do you know?" i asked her puzzled.
"as i said im a witch i can tell these things"
"aren't witches supposed to be bad?"
"some of them but there are good ones too and im one of them"
"oh well how does the potion work?"
"you can pour the vile into aglass and disguise it as flavoured water because i made it to taste like strawberries and then after hes drunk some it doesn't have to be all of it as long as you get some in him, he should then go into kinda like a dazed state. When hes in this dazed state you need to say to him all the things you want him to do. So never make me feel bad again hever shout at me never hit me give up smoking. Then when youve told him everything you want him to do say his nake and hell snap out of the trance"
"how much is it?"
"oh no dear take it i want to see you happy"
"thank you so much i hope it works"
I waved goodbye to the old woman and walked out of the shop.
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GrowingLoveH... 4 years
Great concept. I started a similar story but never finished. I like yours better.
Aquarius64 4 years
I notice there is a distinct lack of capital letters here. This makes reading the story very difficult.