getting really fat

Chapter 1 - stuffed

I came home from the buffet with my friend and I can't believe how much I ate. My friend just went off her diet and I was surprised to see how much she could keep up. Of course in the end I packed in a few more plates than her. I can't seem to stop myself around food anymore and I really over did it tonight. I couldn't seem to satisfy my appetite so I continued to stuff my face at the buffet until I felt like I was going to pop
I looked like such a gluttonous pig in front of my friend tonight but I only cared about eating more and more food. My belly got bigger and rounder after every plate piled high with greasy foods found its way into my fat gut. I wore one of my fat shirts and it couldn't even cover my bloated gut after I stuffed it so tight. I tried to pull it down but every time I moved my belly popped right back out on display for everyone to see. Still I continued to waddle my way back to the buffet for more with my belly out after complaining about how full I already was. I know my friend really got to see tonight what a fat pig I've become.
I saw her take a few glances at my belly and she asked me how I could even eat more after my third plate of dessert. She didn't say much else about my growing belly and appetite other than patting my stuffed gut right before dropping me off. She made a joke saying "I think someone definitely got their money's worth from that buffet huh?" I just laughed it off and made some joke about trying to save money. I did have to tub my belly a bit in the car to try and relieve some of my but it didn't seem to do too much.
Now I'm at home lying in bed feeling the effects of my pigging out. I grabbed an old tank top and shorts to wear to bed but as usual, they're tighter than I remembered. I'm exploding out of these shorts and calling it a muffin top would be an understatement. This tank top doesn't even come close to covering my big round mount of fat, it won't even cover up my belly button. I've never been so big in my life before and I feel enormous. I can't believe I've become such a big and stuffed myself this fat.
I've gained so much weight but my appetite is only getting bigger. I've been stuffing myself daily now and it feels like I'm getting fatter everyday. I've already packed on 50 pounds of fat but I cant help from stuffing myself. I love the feeling of being overfilled now. I want to feel this stuffed all the time I love the way it feels getting so round. Eating so much that I'm in pain from stretching my belly even further. Packing in so much food that I can hardly breath and then continuing to eat beyond that. It feels so amazing I can't even begin to describe it. I love seeing how big I can make my belly when I stuff it. Tonight is the biggest I've ever seen it and I feel so proud of myself. I'm impressed I could eat so much, but then again it still surprises me sometimes what a fatty I've become.
When I was getting in to bed just a bit ago, I looked into the mirror after putting my PJs on. It really settled in how fat I got when I looked in the mirror. A lot of my gain has gone to my belly and it's enormous now. I have a double chin and my arms are even starting to look really puffy. My thighs are looking more like sausages now and my butt has gotten kind of fat too. My belly is just so much bigger than the rest of my body it sticks out so far. It's so round now but it still doesn't hang too much, it just sticks out so far in front of me it's getting harder to see my feet.
I'm glad I gain mostly in my belly because it's my favorite part about my gain. I used to have a flat, almost concave stomach, but now I have a large spare tire attached to my mid section. I love how fat it is and how round it looks especially when I sit down. I like how heavy it feels when I pick it up from the bottom. It's so fun to jiggle it and feel how much extra poundage I've stuffed on to myself. I especially love my belly right now because of how stuffed it looks. It feels rock solid full of food and I can't even try to suck it in at all. I'm even starting to look stuffed when I'm hungry now too from all of this extra fat. It's apparent I've been indulging in whatever I want lately and all of those binges have now turned in to pounds beyond pounds of blubber on my expanding belly.
Being able to eat whatever I want lately has turned me into such a gluttonous pig. I can't seem to stop stuffing my face with any food I can get my hands on. I'm looking so enormous now because my appetite has only been increasing with each big binge. I'm only eating more and more causing me to just keep getting fatter. I can't stop myself either because I love the way my big gut looks on my fat body. It feels so good having a huge mound of fat that juts out onto my thighs every time I sit. I love being able to rub more of it when I gain weight feeling it get bigger and bigger from my greediness. I especially love how tight my clothes feel against my straining belly while it tries to release its self from the tight fabric. It seems to be doing that in all of my shirts lately. I can't wait to see how much bigger I'm going to get at this rate. I can't help it that I love to pig out and stuff my belly. It's so fun to watch it grow. I'm going to make it enormous.
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