grandma gain

chapter 1

Matt lacked self control. He also was greedy, he would always chose the “biggest” even when he did the dividing. Matt also had become lazy, he did not want to work this summer and earn some spending money, he figured he would just mooch off of his parents. But his Mom had a better idea. She sent him off to stay with her Mom, known as Grandma to Matt and his siblings.

The kids loved to go to Grandma’s, she was very tolerant, indulgent of the kids, to the point of almost spoiling them. She was also morbidly obese, she loved to eat and cook. She also believed that children should be plump and well fed, she hated skinny children!

Matt was already overweight. He would always sneak food from the kitchen, always have seconds and dessert. He had just graduated from high school, was not going to college, nor did he have a job lined up.

Matt arrived in the afternoon, Grandma’s house was warm, mainly from the nearly constant cooking she did, he complained of the heat, and she just said to change into his bathing suit, which he did. Matt came into the kitchen and blurted out, “I’m hungry!” To Grandma, this was music to her ears, she loved to feed her grand children. She also never seemed to get her grand children fat enough!

The kitchen did not have a table and Grandma did not want to carry food to the dining table, so she had Matt plop himself on the floor. She started to bring him cookies, milk, ice cream, candy, pastries and sodas, letting Matt just eat and eat. Matt was so greedy that he would never say that is enough and just kept stuffing himself with the rich treats.

When Matt finally could eat no more, fearing he might get sick, Grandma sent him off to bed at eight-thirty. Matt staggered upstairs, rubbing is bloated belly. He climbed into bed and fell asleep almost immediately.

The next morning he came down stairs at eight o’clock and told Grandma, “I’m hungry Grandma!” Grandma poked his still bloated belly and told him, “Matt you know what to do, sit on the floor and Grandma will let you eat all you want too!”

Matt was only too happy to oblige. He plopped himself down and Grandma true to her word, started giving him anything and as much of it as he could eat! Matt loved it! He gorged himself, happily eating all day, his belly was getting rounder and taught he was full all the time.

When the sun went down, Grandma helped him up, gave him an affectionate pat on his expanding butt and sent him to bed.

The same routine went on for weeks. Matt was now getting quite fat! His waist was now over forty six inches around and his bottom was so round and fat, that he had to waddle. Grandma got him some new underpants that were initially several sizes to big and Matt ate his way into them!

On the last day at Grandma’s Matt was so upset about leaving, knowing his Mom would never feed him the way Grandma did, Matt became distended he ate so much. His belly ballooned to nearly fifty inches around. He was so stuffed and bloated he could hardly walk!

When Mom came in the kitchen and saw Matt on the floor surrounded by empty wrappers, plates, bowls and glasses, his belly sagging onto the floor, she just giggled, “Well it looks like Matt has met his match! Honey your belly is huge! What am I going to do with you? You are so fat! Did you make Grandma feed you all day?”

Matt burped, “Excuse me, yes Mom, I sat here on the floor and let Grandma feed me until I could not eat anymore! I love being this FAT!”

His Mom helped her butter ball of a son up. Poking his round, soft belly, she giggled, “Matt we are going to have to send you to the community college, you need to become a chef or a baker. We can’t afford to feed you now that you are so fat. You need to get a vocation and start working to support yourself.”

Matt thought for a moment, “Mom that sounds great, I never thought of being a chef or a baker! I will enroll as soon as we get home!” All the while Matt was thinking, “I will be in a career that keeps me around food all the time! This is going to be awesome!”
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