greedy girl

chapter 1

Catie came home from work and immediately slumped down on the couch. She just couldn't take it anymore. Balancing college and working part time as a waitress was becoming too overwhelming. She had an easy life up until now, coasting through life on looks. Not tall enough to be a model at only 5'6, but she did have the face for it and the figure. She was barely 120 lbs and worked hard to stay that way. She was crying when her roommate Lexi came in.
"What's wrong Catie" asked Lexi.
"I'm just so sick of all this work. I barely have time to breath. It wasn't supposed to be this hard!" Catie sobbed.
Lexi sighed. "I know how you feel Catie. I can't take it anymore either. I've tried everything. I'm so desperate I think I might...." Lexi stopped herself.
"What Lex?" Asked Catie.
"Oh it's super dumb. A girl I know from class slipped me this ritual thing. I don't exactly know, but it's supposed to make like super easy."
Catie chuckled a bit. "That's pretty insane."
"I know Cate! But here me out this girl was a total mess. She could barely handle school let alone school and work. She always looked like a trainwreck. Everything changed overnight like the next day she was so calm, rested, and looked so good. I mean like it's worth a try."
Catie thought about what Lexi told her. She had no clue who this girl was or how she magically turned her life around. Catie agreed that as dumb as it sounded it could be worth a try. "Let's try it, you know for shits and giggles. What do you say Lex."
Lexi smiled, she was immediately in. That night the girls set everything up. It was a simple ritual. All they had to do was create a circle out of red wine and sit in it while chanting "Those who hear my call, help me and I'll help you. Take away all my problems and I will give you your desires." They had to repeat this until help came, so they figured they'd do it like five times. This is a silly ritual and both girls felt silly doing it, that is until it began to work. They felt two shadowy surround them.
The red shadow around Lexi spoke first. "Hello girls we've heard your call. We're prepared to give you what you desire."
"H-how do you plan to do that" stammered Catie.
The black shadow around her answered. "We have dreams and wants too, but in these forms we can't achieve them. We become your shadows and this way we can in a way live though you without interfering with your consciousness.
The Red Shadow continued. "There is one other rule. You can wish for anything you want as long as it adhere's to the laws of physics, except."
"Except!" Lexi interrupted horrified.
The Red Spirit continued once again. "Except anything that interferes with our desires and the effects. A bit of a price for the greed. My dream is to travel the world my dear. That means you'll never need to work again, but you won't be able to stay in one place until I am satisfied no matter what."
Lexi didn't even think it over, maybe it was her nerves talking. "Okay I accept, I'll do whatever you want I just don't want to be broke and stressed anymore."
The red spirit merged to her shadow, the pact was complete. Catie didn't want to look like a wimp. So she shouted "Me too I'll do whatever you want I'm just so tired of being stress."
This surprised the black shadow. "Are you sure, you don't even know what I want."
Catie didn't care she was so fed up with everything. "Yes I'll do it shadow!"
"Good" the shadow said as it became one with her. Nothing felt different except her new companion could speak directly into her mind. Catie had chills when she heard the shadow's request.
"Catie, I am very hungry."
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DragonMaster 4 years
Please continue, this is absolute great.