grooming greg (female wg story)

chapter 1

Kelsey poked her head up from behind her laptop to scan the cafeteria for any signs of mischief. At Westwood high school, she really didn't have much to worry about, as the most ill-behaved kids tended to cut school out of their routine entirely after freshman year, and the rest of the suburban student body mostly stayed in line when they were in her presence. The 28 year old history teacher had accomplished the difficult task of being both well-liked and genuinely respected by most of the student body. Being one of the youngest teachers on staff allowed her to form a connection with her students that most of the older teachers couldn't.

"Here's your lunch, Ms. O'Neil." Tyler, one of her students said.

"Thank you, Tyler. Keep the change." Kelsey replied, handing Tyler a $50 bill.

The pimple faced freshman smiled and walked back to his table. Kelsey turned to the large pizza box and two large subs in front of her with hungry eyes. The young teacher was morbidly obese, and had absolutely no qualms about gorging herself in public, or wearing clothing that didn't flatter her figure. Weighing 650 pounds, there really were no clothes in existence that could flatter her figure, which bore a closer resemblance to a pile of tires than an actual human body. Standing tall at 6'3, she was able to carry her weight shockingly well, or at least as well as someone weighing 650 pounds possibly could.

Long, blonde, hair went down past her broad shoulders, framing a pretty face that most men would concede was conventionally attractive. At just the right angle, she could capture her beautiful pale blue eyes and enormous breasts, and be the perfect catfish for online suitors. But Kelsey had no interest in tricking men into dating her. She had always been big and fat, and would always be big and fat. While a lot of women her size might give up on trying to look pretty, Kelsey maintained her appearance, and exuded confidence with her bubbly, sarcastic, but funny, personality. She was charismatic, and her comfort in her own skin had helped get her laid on more than one occasion.

"Mmmm..." Kelsey moaned as she sunk her teeth into her steak and cheese sub. The school year had just begun, and Kelsey was still getting acclimated to her new students. As she devoured her first sub, she saw Vannessa Humphrey waddling happily out of the kitchen with a tray full of food. The super-sized senior was the fattest girl in school, weighing just over 400 pounds. Kelsey couldn't get over how fat kids were these days, vividly remembering her high school days when she and her friend Beth were the only fat girls in their entire school.

Kelsey smiled to herself as she watched Vannessa sit down with her boyfriend, Greg, drawing venomous, jealous, stares from the popular girls' table. Greg was a handsome kid, with shaggy blonde hair and a laidback, stoner kind of demeanor. He got along well with pretty much everyone in school, and walked amongst the jocks, stoners, nerds, and everyone in between without opposition or animosity.

It hadn't always been that way for Greg, though. As one of the only chubby chasers in school, he was the prime target for bullying in his freshman year. Things came to a head when he broke Tommy Kaufman's nose for calling his then-girlfriend a whale at a dance. From then on, Greg had earned the respect of all his classmates, even Tommy's friends on the football team.

"Put it down, Alex!" Kelsey snapped, shooting one of the students an ice cold look before he could throw a tin foil ball across the cafeteria.

"Sorry, Ms. O'Neil." He replied sheepishly.

Kelsey turned her attention back to Greg and Vannessa, studying them as she shoveled the last of her first sandwich into her mouth and unwrapped the second one, a chicken parm, robotically.

Her eyes nearly popped out of her head when she watched Greg open a bag of chips and begin feeding them to Vannessa erotically. Kelsey's jaw nearly dropped when she saw Greg snuggle up to Vannessa and rub her big belly in plain view of everyone. For a brief moment, Greg and Kelsey's gazes connected, and Kelsey immediately broke away, as if she was the one in high school staring at her crush for just a second too long.

"AH! AH FUCK! C'MON, JASON, STOP IT!" A kid screamed from a few tables away.

"JASON CUT THE SHIT, C'MON!" Kelsey snapped back at him, irritated that she'd been distracted from the show.

Greg was a junior, one year behind Vannessa. Usually an underclassman dating a senior would get them respect from the whole student body, but because of Vannessa's weight, it wasn't considered quite as big an accomplishment. But Greg wasn't with Vannessa for the respect. He genuinely found her attractive. "Hungry Humphrey", as the kids cruelly called her, had huge tits, a big, round, belly, and a giant ass that hardly fit on one of the barstool-style cafeteria seats. Kelsey could certainly sympathize with her in that regard. She had to put two folding chairs at the end of a cafeteria table to accommodate herself and sit comfortably when she had café duty.

Kelsey felt her heart melt a little when she watched Greg continue to escalate things, kissing her and groping Vannessa's blubber proudly, like she was the most beautiful girl in the world. She hated to intervene, but she had to...

"Greg! Vannessa! Hands to yourselves, please." Kelsey shouted over to them, smiling. Greg looked over at her with that smile of his, and winked at her.

"Sorry, Ms. O'Neil." Greg replied.

"It's alright, honey." Kelsey replied.

"Honey?! Where did that come from!?" Kelsey thought to herself.

After putting away two large subs and a large pizza, Kelsey was feeling sluggish, and stopped by the teacher's lounge to grab a cup of coffee before her next class was to begin.

"Kelsey! Hey, I brought donuts in for everybody! Take as many as you'd like..." Miranda, one of the math teachers, said.

"Ooooh! Don't mind if I do!" Kelsey huffed, taking a paper towel from the dispenser and grabbing a jelly donut.

"Oh, you want more than one, don't you!? They're pretty small... I brought four dozen, take some more Kelsey, please!" Miranda insisted.

Miranda was 32, thin, but very pretty, with porcelain skin, black hair, glasses, and a single mole on her right cheek. Her breasts were the talk of the school, and bulged through her black turtleneck sweater proudly, captivating the attention of anyone that had to talk to her. Her ass was big too, rounding out her hourglass figure beautifully. Miranda had been pursuing Kelsey in not-so-subtle ways since Kelsey started teaching at Westwood high. At first Kelsey chalked Miranda's advances up to her being nice, but after friending her on Facebook, she discovered she had a thing for fat women, VERY fat women. Clicking through her photos, she noticed a disturbing trend among all of her ex's: they all became significantly fatter during their relationship with Miranda.

Kelsey didn't mind Miranda trying to ply her with food, as she knew Miranda genuinely found her attractive and wanted to feed and fatten her. Sometimes she'd play up her fatness to tease her.

"You could even take a whole box if you want! Nobody's really picking at them..." Miranda suggested.

"Ah, twist my arm why don't ya!" Kelsey replied, picking up the entire dozen of donuts and delicately carrying it with her coffee and bag of teaching supplies.

"I love your dress, by the way."

"Oh, thank you! It was previously used as a tarp for sport utility vehicles!"

Miranda stopped, her jaw hanging open, before Kelsey let her off the hook.

"Honey I'm joking! Jesus! Hahahahahahaha!"

"Ha! Of course! Hahahahaha..." Miranda awkwardly chuckled back.

The armrests of the chair dug sharply into Kelsey's hips as she crammed her fat ass between them. She had just a few minutes to prepare before her next class, syncing her laptop with the projector as she munched on chocolate donut. Utilizing her laser pointer and the projection screen, Kelsey never had to stand up to teach, allowing her to further avoid any physical activity whatsoever. She grunted and shifted in her chair, struggling in vain to find an angle to sit at where she wasn't feeling to constricted. As she adjusted her big boobs in her bra, one almost popped out, just as her first student walked through the door...

And who was it? But Greg...

Kelsey jumped a bit and straightened her dress out, ensuring her nipples were covered but her cleavage was still on full display.

"Hey Ms. O'Neil..." Greg said awkwardly.

"Hi, Greg! How are you today?" Kelsey replied cheerily.

"Good thank you, how are you?"

"I'm just lovely today. Ms. Melanson from the math department bought me a dozen Krispy Kreme's. Would you like one?"

"No thank you, I just ate."

"Aha-hum... So did I... Suit yourself!"

Kelsey sat back, letting her belly puff outward as she devoured the first donut of the dozen.

"Mmmmm... Oh my God these are so good..." She mumbled through a mouth full of dough. Greg was clearly uncomfortable, one eye trained on the door, waiting desperately for someone else to come in and relieve the tension. The other eye wandered... To the gigantic goddess gorging in front of him.

"These are just what I need, right?" Kelsey said, chuckling as she tapped the box of donuts and patted her big belly with her other hand.

"Nothing wrong with treating yourself every now and again." Greg replied shyly.

Kelsey smiled. "I like your attitude, Greg."
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Taylormadexxl 5 years
I'm trying to figure out the euro thing right now. I've reuploaded twice and same results.
Theswordsman 5 years
What is the deal with all the euro?
Taylormadexxl 5 years
I understand some of you might wanna bail on the story with where you THINK it might be headed. But let's just say Greg's not giving up that easy.
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I see Greg getting groomed out of this story.
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Its a wonder she doesnt start teaching online classes from her house with how big she's getting
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Wondered when Kelsey would get caught, but luckily it was Miranda and not another staff member who would fire her and throw her in jail. wonder how big shell get now with 2 feeders
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More i love this story more caps!!!!
Jmr1903 5 years
More i love this story more caps!!!!
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Sounds awesome so far. Can't weight to find out how Vanessa and Miranda's rolls will continue to grow and develop (puns intended). Keen to see how Kelsey's enormous girth impacts her day to day struggles.
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Yep, working on the next one as we speak. I'm just trying to juggle this one and my other story (Big Betty's) until BB is finished. I also have a few other super-fat stories on my profile if you're interested.
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Quite the predator
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