chapter 1

I am not a good writer but I have an idea and I would like to get it out.

“Mmmm,” she licked her lips as she moaned. Penny was breathing hard, her full stomach was filled to the brim but the pig in her wanted more. A small microwave pizza, 2 chimichangas, 2 packs of ramen, and now the second of 2 toaster pastries. “Just finish this poptarts and I am done!” Her belly made noises as she slowly devoured the poptart. The last bite slid down her throat. She rubbed her oversized gut as she tried to relax.
She still wasn’t quite used to stuffing. Growing up she had always been chubby, everyone tried to help her lose but it never worked. She didn’t eat badly that often, and drank a lot of water and still stayed at max 200 pounds. At 5’1” that was absolutely chubby but not fat and she was fine with that, until 9 months ago.
She was expecting her boyfriend for a dinner date. He had canceled on their last 3 and now
She had made lasagna with a chocolate pie for dessert. After finishing off 2 servings of lasagna, she was surprised that she didn’t care about him as much. She had the sudden appreciation for food. When she finished off the lasagna her belly was full. “Oh! My belly is full but I like it.” But, it would feel better with that pie.
She dug into the pie slowly but it wasn’t large. She will felt like an over stuffed hog for market. Her belly strained against her jeans. She sat back and rubbed her stomach.
Penny stepped on the scale and saw the number, 253.
53 pounds, side effects of happiness. She stepped off the scale and walked to the kitchen. What a sight she had become, she was plump all over but, the belly was the fattest. The workout shorts and tank fit well at one time but now looked like they were about to burst, she too rolled up constantly and her growing gut constantly shook as she moved.
She pulled out her blender as her laptop began to make a ringing sound. She placed it on the counter and saw a Skype call from her friend Tanya (they had met on a feeding sight).
“Hey girl!” Penny said to the screen.
“Hey piglet!” Said the average sized blonde. “Looking cute today.” She smiled as she saw the lovely gut on the picture. So cute, just wanna make it fatter.
Penny began putting heavy cream and chocolate syrup to the blender.
“I see your making the shakes I recommend, are you enjoying them?” Tanya ask with a smile.
Penny’s smile said it all.
“I am happy you like them piglet.”
She poured some of the sweet liquid into a glass and got a straw.
“Well, I gotta saw T, you are a bad influence on my waistline but the encouragement is needed.”
She rubbed her belly as she sipped, still full from last night.
“Well piglet, what are you going to have for breakfast after you finish your drink?”
The doorbell suddenly rings.
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