growing into a queen

chapter 1

Zara Pov.
Kingdom of Aitairia
The usually dull castle bustles with life as I glide through it, nervously ringing my hands together. Today is the day I am to meet my future husband. The day my mother has been preparing me for my whole life. I can't quite get my emotions together they're a mix of nervousness and excitement. I've heard King Vrakas is very handsome, I wish I could have met him sooner considering we've been betrothed since I was born but it is custom to wait until a week before marriage in his kingdom.
"Zara! There you are!" My head maid Rhailis grabs my arm tightly and starts dragging me in the direction of my chambers. "We've been looking all over for you! The king will be here in two hours, we have no time now!" She's huffing as we practically run, and her face is beat red with either stress or exertion, probably both.
"Relax, that's more than enough time." I try to soothe her, so she'll slow down some and stop trying to rip my arm out of socket. She just shoots me a glare. Most people wouldn't dare to speak to a princess like that but Rhailis has been taking care of me since I was a baby. She has a right to scold me.
I sigh in relief when we reach the large double doors that lead to my room and she finally releases me. I hurry into the spacious sky blue and gold decorated room before she can push me. "Chop chop Princess, in the bath." She says as she unlaces my plain blue dress. I let it drop to the floor having no trouble sliding over my lithe body and carefully step into the warm vanilla scented water. Rhailis sets to work on my long golden-brown hair, lathering it with vanilla scented shampoo and I rigorously scrub my body with a sponge. I practically choke as she shoves my head down into the water and rinses out the shampoo grabbing onto the edge of the tub. It's not that serious. He's going to see my looking like a peasant many, many times over the duration of our marriage.
"Geez woman are you trying to drown me? I can't meet the King if I'm dead." I whine looking at her with wide amber eyes.

"You also can't meet the King looking like a peasant, so we must hurry up!" I don't respond just allow her to pull me out of the tub and dry myself off with a towel.
As I'm doing so four other maid's enter the room carrying an assortment of objects, I don't have time to discern what they are because I'm pushed down into the vanity chair. I sit there and close my eyes clutching the towel to my body tightly to try and avoid shivering so I don't get stabbed with something. It seems like ages before I'm allowed to open my eyes and I gasp at my reflection. My hair is half up in intricate braids with threads of gold weaved through and curls hanging down past my chest. My eyes are lined with coal and gold making them pop, and some blush and color have been added to my cheeks and lips. "Wow." I grin.
"Come on Princess let's get your dressed." Rhailis encourages and I stand up slipping on an under dress and bracing my hands against the wall as a corset is wrapped around me. I groan in discomfort as the maid's yank it as tightly as possible finding it much harder to breathe when they're done. I wish I could never wear a corset again. They're dreadful. I hold onto a maid's arm as I step into my dress running my hands over the red velvet and admiring the golden accents when it's pulled up. I sigh as they lace it up in the back. What is with all these laces? I might suffocate. My shoes are the simplest part of my look, shiny gold slippers that are surprisingly quite comfortable. I hardly recognize myself as I look in the mirror. If the King doesn't want me now, he's a fool.
The road to Vrakas,
Spring, The following day.
I glance over at my betrothed for what must be the hundredth time since I met him. He's gorgeous with a rugged look about him. Also, he's very large, in the muscular sense. I haven't seen if he's large in other places yet but I'm guessing he is.
He catches me this time and his intense blue eyes meet mine and a smirk crosses his handsome face. "Is there something you need Princess?" He teases his eyes glinting with mischief.
I feel a blush heat my cheeks and look down. "No, I just can't believe this is happening." I say with a small smile looking up at him from under my eyelashes.
"You don't have to look away from me love." He puts a finger under my chin and gently lifts my head. "You are soon to be my wife. We are equals." My skin tingles at his touch and I lean into his hand. There seemed to be an instant chemistry between us when we met and I'm glad to see I didn't just imagine it.
"Most Kings would never say that." I breathe out. Our lips are so close.
"I am not like most kings." He smirks tucking my hair behind my ear.
We sit in the back of the carriage in comfortable silence for a while staring into each other's eyes and I eventually lean my head on his broad shoulder my eyelids fluttering shut. It's late evening and I've hardly slept in two days.
Sebastian gently shakes me awake hours later and I find that I'm now cradled in his lap my head resting on his chest. I look up at him tiredly. "We're about to arrive love. There's something I should tell you before we get there."
I shift nervously my heart clenching a little. I knew this was too good to be true. "What is it?" I ask after a moment of silence.
"There's a custom in my Kingdom, the larger the Queen the more prosperous we look. The people will try to fatten you up, they see size as beauty and power." I frown furrowing my eyebrows. I have to get fat???
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