hailey's predicament

  By Abol

Chapter 1 - some backstory

In this story, we meet a 6’ 2” woman by the name of Hailey Foster. Hailey is into watching movies and has a strong habit of eating a lot during meals and throughout the day and night. Now, Hailey hasn’t always had this particular habit of excess stuffing. THAT started back when she was about 20 or so, back when her aunt, Kaitlyn Collins, wanted her to be her personal taste tester. During a time period of 5 years, Hailey had gone from a petite 110 to a very hefty 400 pounds. Kaitlyn had caused her to put on 290 pounds, Hailey’s mom, Andrea Foster, didn’t like this, so she had distanced Hailey from Kaitlyn and made Hailey go to the gym everyday until she was back to being a little bit over her original size. However, due to the habit that was picked up from her aunt, Hailey couldn’t stay that small for long periods of time because she gained weight very quickly from the stuffing that was basically 24/7. Due to this, Hailey and her mother made a compromise that consisted of only 2 factors. The 1st thing was that, if she was going to continue the constant stuffing, Hailey would have to go to the gym at least 3-4 times a week. The 2nd thing was that, Hailey could never get heavier than 275 pounds, which was the weight of her 5’ 11” mother who has to work really hard to stay that weight. Due to a particular genetic trait, 275 is the smallest that Andrea can possibly get. If Andrea were to stop her workout routine, she would blow up to 650, or possibly heavier. Hailey’s mother comes from a family which has a genetic trait that causes a lot of weight gain during their mid twenties, so she wanted to prevent her daughter from a life of potential health problems and possible immobility, like Andrea’s mother. While Hailey knew about the situation which her grandmother was in, she never thought that the genetics thing was true, so she didn’t take the 2nd term of the compromise seriously, despite the constant warning made by her mother. Andrea knew that Hailey would never head her warnings, but she thought that she could just try to help her daughter keep the weight off by forcing her to constantly work out. Even though this would help for a little bit, Andrea could not stop the inevitable.
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Karenjenk 2 years
I like the concept and story.
fun read
There are way too many characters to keep up with. pick 3 and leave it there.
Abol 2 years
After reading this story so far, comment some feedback on how I can improve my stories (How I write them)!