halloween pudge

Chapter 1

“What are you two doing?”

“Making sure that my costume fits me in time for Halloween.”

She answered through a mouthful of cake.

“Um okay. You guys are so weird.”

“What’s her problem?”

“Beats me.”

“Here less talking more eating.”

She opened her mouth wide for the huge bite of cake.

“Good girl.”

She had a long way to go and only two and a half months to get there. I was proud of my little project. I had been lucky enough to get a roommate dumb enough to let me convince her to do this. I brought it up casually enough on the first day after seeing her eat.

“I’m getting so full.”

“You aren’t full.”

“Urrrp yeah I am.”

“Nope I decide when you are full. Besides don’t you want to look good for Halloween?”

“Yeah of course.”

“Good then less talking and more eating. We got to fill this little belly up.”

I placed my hand on her belly. She was softening up pretty quickly. I mean she was thin but didn’t seem to exercise. Perfect. Perfect for fattening up.

“Ugh it hurts.”

I shoved more into her. Her fat little belly was bulging over her waistband. She looked so cute.

“It’s okay just push through it.”

“Urrrp ugh okay.”

I placed my hand on her belly again. Rubbing in slow circles. She relaxed her stomach muscles a little.

“Don’t suck in when you are eating.”

“Ugh it hurts.”

I kept rubbing. I kept feeding her.

“Come on. Doesn’t it taste good.”

“Yeah it tastes really good.”

“Then just focus on that.”


My little lady was stuffed to the gills. Her belly bulged out and over her still buttoned pants. Her face had cake on it.

“How do you feel?”

“Stuffed. Urrrp. Thirsty.”

I handed her the heavy cream that I had removed the label from. To my surprise she drank it all. Her belly bulged out more.

“Did I do well?”

I put my hands on her belly and felt around for space.


“Mmmm that feels good.”

“See told you you needed to eat more.”

“You are right I feel so good now. Very sleepy.”

“Good then go nap.”

Jenny was not very smart. She did whatever I told her to. I rubbed her belly as she drifted off. I couldnt wait for all of that gorging to show up.
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Sonic16 10 months
It's cute how innocent she is. Wonder when the to romance will start so she stops caring about being softer