happy marriage

  By OuO

chapter 1

Milan's POV

I know me and my wife have been 4 years happily married but I wished I could make her even more happy.

Yesterday I realized Eve is into curvy girls.

I am super skinny, I weigh 100lbs and my height is 5'5. Some would say I am even underweight.

I have always had fantasies where I am huge, curvy, thicc woman, however those are dreams since I have never been capable of gaining weight.

If I could gain weight that would make me and my wife happy. It would be a wonderful Christmas gift.

So I found an ad on this website about a newly invented drug that would turn my fantasies into reality.

The drug said that when taken you could get your desired expansion plus no health side effects.

That sounded wonderful! I was ready. So I contacted them and they gave me an adress to start tomorrow.

When I arrived they told me I would be the first person to try it. I was both nervous and excited,although it would not harm my health, they do not know how it would affect my body.

I was willing to take the risk for me and my love.

When I came back home I opened the fridge.

I remembered their instructions.

"Take the pill before eating, depending on what you want to grow or how big you want to grow take that amount and dream it".

I started by taking one small pill, and I wished for bigger boobs.

My breasts grew instantly from A cup to B cup.

I took another pill and I wished for a bigger butt and hips.

My butt finally had a small curve.

IT WORKED! I was thinking on not overdoing it but the pills were so addicted that I began to take a ton and when I least noticed I had a belly growing.

This is going to be FUN. I thought, Eve is coming from work until tomorrow so why not receive ger with a huge suprise?

I took half the bottle.

I sat down on the table and started endulging myself with all the food.

My curves started expanding and I could feel it.

After 30 minutes my pants started feeling tight, I noticed how juicy my thighs were getting, alomg with my butt.

My bra was also killing my boobs and my belly was finally a round small ball.
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