he's gonna blow!

Chapter 1 - pump...pump...

You hear that, big boy?"
She teased as she rubbed her hands on the tightening orb of stomach swelling under the layers of fat that at one time could have been called a gut. An audible moan of agreement could be heard under the gulps of tubing to confirm that he could hear the piercing beeps from the monitor.
"That's the sound of your heart, slowly clogging up with lard fatty" another moan and the pace of the beeps increased, he was getting excited. Feeling mischievous she shut off the flow of butter, cream and sugar into his stomach and removed the tube, listening to his whines and watching him break out into more of a sweat. He wanted that tube, but years of feeding had made him practically immobile. If it wasn't for the C-Pap forcefully pumping oxygen into his lungs he would have asphyxiated on himself by now.
"You want this don't you, big guy?" There was a cry of agreement. "You know, I could stop. Call a hospital and they might help you get to a size that could let you live... or..." she teased, dangling the tubing in front of his face, watching his lips pucker in vain for the tube. Savoring the frantic beeps of what could be an oncoming cardiac arrest "I could put this tube back in your mouth and let you eat until you finally expire."
She grinned, pulling the tube a few inches away from his mouth, a small admittance of "no!" Could be heard, flushed against his blubbery cheeks.
"No? You want this?" She mocked. "Even though it could kill you?"
"Y-y-yes" the blob wheezed.
"Then let me hear you beg for it fatty. Tell me you cant stop, even though its killing you."
"I..." he puffed, the monitor still beeping erratically as he wheezed out the words "I cant stop. I don't want to stop... please feed me... i want to keep getting fatter."
"Fatter? You're ready the fattest human!" She giggled as she put the tube back into his mouth. "But who am I to deny my hungry hog?" She began forcing the tube in further, past his throat and into his stomach.
"You want fatter? Then you don't get a choice!" She cheered, increasing the flow of fattening liquid. "I'm going to fatten you to death!"
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BreadIsLife 2 years
I love this so much! I want more!
Chrysophase2003 6 years
I keep checking this one every day to see if maybe you added more. It's sadistic, erotic, and extreme. I love it.
BeSoft 6 years
The best way to die! Id love to some1 do that to me!! wow