healthy at any size

chapter 1

Watching her struggle to breathe is what made me harder. Tying a collar around my already near-death pig and yanking on it while seeing her face go red was one of my discrete pleasures.

If she could see herself now, she wouldn’t have tried to be such an advocate for “fat acceptance” or “plus size activism.” She probably would have gone to a gym and committed to a crash course diet that would have left her anorexic. “Healthy at any size” is what she had told me one day, and I had to hide my smirk from her. Even then, when she was hovering around 400 pounds, she would get winded at the smallest movement and need constant breaks. Healthy at any size? Healthily in danger of a heart attack, maybe. She was so proud of herself for bagging a catch like me, the morbidly obese Instagram influencer with a fitness model and competitor. She had told me the contrast between our bodies turned her on, and I told her the same.
As our relationship grew, so did she. I would make enormous meals for us, and seeing as I was burning thousands of calories a day, I never gained a pound of fat. She, on the other hand, exploded. Her soft, weak body couldn’t burn an ounce of fat if it tried to. She got fatter and fatter, entering the 600s before long. Her friends noticed it, and they stupidly approved of it, happy that an obese whale like her got someone like me, who loved her “despite her size.” They couldn’t comprehend that I enjoyed her body, her flabby rolls turning me on every time she walked in the room.

Looking at my 1100 pound pig now, I could see the fright in her eyes. She didn’t want to go this far, didn’t want to spend the rest of her life sucking down lard and butter through a tube in the ceiling. That’s too bad, honestly.

I logged in to her old IG page, her almost 1 million followers still there. I placed the phone with a good angle of her enormous body, and went Live.

As I climbed on top of her, ready to force feed this pig pure butter until her heart exploded, I funny thought came to my head.

“Healthy at any size”
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