Chapter 1

He managed to slip his fingers under the flab of his belly, but just barely. He was desperate, and started to shake the roll. He knew she would eventually find out, either from the mess he was going to make or his physical condition, but he didn’t care. He needed this release, it had been years since he had felt an orgasm. He didn’t know what she would do to him, but it was worth it to him.

He closed his eyes as he felt the waves on his belly jiggle every bit of him, and before long his member, which was almost entirely covered in public fat, was hard and being massaged by the flab. He was getting close, he needed this so bad…..

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING” her voice ruined his peace, followed by one of the most painful shocks of his life. Electricity zapped through his body, his nerve endings on fire. Any previous feelings of pleasure were erased by the awful, burning sensation of volts shooting through his body.

When it stopped, he was so relieved he broke down crying, real tears of relief and pain coming together. He felt lightheaded, his ears ringing.

She wasn’t done.

Another shock hit him, followed by her voice.

“I don’t know what the hell you think this is, or what you were hoping to accomplish. I told you when this started, that I was never going to let you feel the pleasure of sex again. You don’t deserve it after cheating on me.” He was pleading through tears now, begging her to stop shocking him. The metallic bands on his ankles and wrists kept sending volts through him.

“You could be on fire and I wouldn’t spit on you. And I’m sure that’s what going to happen if I don’t stop shocking you, all that useless fat on your body will make you light up like a torch.” She turned off the volts, leaving him a wheezing wreck, his heavy sobbing leaving him out of breath.

“If you try that again, I will have your balls removed. You’re barely a man right now, you should consider yourself lucky I let you keep those after what you did to me.”

She meant every threat she made. So scorned she was by him, that she made his life a living hell. He had used his chiseled body and masculine features to cheat on her with many women, so she knew she had to completely and utterly destroy his body and mind to make him pay for this.

Packing the weight onto him wasn’t that hard, sure she used some very illegal drugs and methods while imprisoning your cheating spouse in his own lard wasn’t very ethical, but who cares? She was the victim here.
He soon learned that he had two choices: be subjected to physical pain and torture at her hands, or swallow everything she shoved down his throat until his arteries were filled with grease.

The fat wasn’t enough for her. She had to humiliate him even more, and she did this by injecting mass amounts of estrogen into him, forcing more and more fat to form on his hips. His moobs turned into breasts far larger than any woman ever had. She emasculated him, often bringing over strong, powerful men to bang her right in front of him, doing something he could never hope to do again.

Other women would come to see him, and she would lift his belly up so they could see how his cock was almost entirely hidden by fat, and they laughed at him. He so badly wanted to hide, to run away, but being nearly half a ton kept him from this. He cried real tears, sad and miserable at his life, and she would force him to swallow another few gallons of heavy cream, of melted butter, of pure, unhealthy garbage.

She decided early on that he was never going to cum again. It would be easy to just jerk him off now and his heart would stop, but she wanted to do it with food. Why let him take the easy way out?

She was going to feed him until she couldn’t.
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BootyProotie 10 months
An amazing story 😌