Chapter 1 - a confrontation

Jack was having an awesome time in college. He was the star of his college wrestling team, having been picked as team captain over some of the older and more experienced guys on the team. He had an excellent combination of talent and discipline that had taken him far. In fact, Jack had been the best high school wrestler in western Texas before being offered a full ride to state school. He would never have been able to afford college without the athletic scholarship Coach John had arranged.

He was an absolute beast in the gym, training hard and pumping iron every day. Jack was proud of his body, and seeing his powerful physique overpower other guys on the mat drove him wild. Through hard work and a good diet, he had managed to get up to 170 pounds of pure lean muscle. At an even six feet tall, Jack’s strong frame was deceptively agile - allowing him to outmaneuver most opponents.

Jack was usually clean shaven, with short blonde hair framing his masculine features. The blonde jock knew he was definitely one of the hottest guys on campus and wasn’t shy about it. Jack usually wore a tank top around to have his bulging biceps visible, but went shirtless whenever possible to show off his ripped abdominals.

During one of the preseason workouts, Jack had stayed late to get some extra reps in. He grunted as he finished his last set of squats, while his beefy quads and glutes stretched the elastic of his shorts to the limit. Jack was hot so he took off his shirt as he racked the weights. His toned body glistened with sweat as he made his way to the locker room. Most of the team had already left before him so it was pretty quiet. He turned on the water to the showers as he tossed his dirty jockstrap and shorts to the side.

Stepping into the steamy shower, Jack relaxed as the hot water soothed his sore muscles. He reached out and grabbed a bar of soap, not wanting to stay too late. Jack washed his torso, running a hand over his defined abdominal muscles and solid pecs as he worked up a lather. Jack raised his arms, washing his hairy blonde armpits before moving on. Jack was very well endowed, and he almost started to get hard as he soaped up the thick meat dangling between his legs. Moving on, he washed his beefy thighs and calves. Finished, Jack turned off the water and grabbed a toweling off, drying his lightly furred blonde body hair. Tying the towel around his waist, Jack walked to the lockers. All the other wrestlers were gone already, but his good mood dissipated as he noticed Steve had lingered.

Steve had always seemed to have a bit of a problem with him, but lately he had been downright rude after being passed up as team captain. He was a bit taller at a lanky 6’4” and had angular features with muddy brown hair. Jack wasn’t exactly sure what Steve’s problem was, but his friends had said Steve was always complaining about Jack “stealing” the limelight from him. Frankly, Jack thought Steve was a bit of a spoiled brat, rumor had it he only got admitted here because his parents were big donors.

Jack walked to his locker, pointedly not making eye contact with Steve. He was sulking on the bench, glaring at Jack with his beady brown eyes.

“We both know I should be the team captain. You’re not even a senior,” Steve said accusingly.

“Coach John asked me personally to be team captain. Seniority has nothing to do with it,” Jack explained, letting out a sigh of frustration as he got dressed.

“You should resign and wait your turn instead of stealing my chance,” Steve said, raising his voice.

“We’ve had this conversation several times already. Stop whining about it already,” Jack snapped at him.

“Stop being so damn selfish - you have no idea how hard I’ve worked to be team captain!” Steve started yelling as he stood up.

Jack could barely believe it, was this brat being serious right now? Steve barely ever showed up to workouts, showed up to matches hungover, and never kept in shape over the summer. In fact, as Steve stood up Jack was shocked to see he had put on some weight over the break. Jack could see a bit of softness peeking over the edge of his towel. It was hardly a full fledged beer belly, you just couldn’t see his abs anymore.

On anyone else Jack wouldn’t have even noticed, but Steve was the vainest person Jack knew. He would constantly fish for compliments and you couldn’t get the guy to stop talking about how amazing his physique was. He also had a nasty habit of talking trash about heavier classmates behind their back and making up childish nicknames. Jack decided he might as well have some fun with him.

“Well maybe you should have thought about that before you porked up over the summer,” Jack said teasingly as he pinched the small roll of flab on his waist. Steve’s eyes widened in surprise.

“In fact you might need to move up a few weight classes at this rate,” Jack smirked as he jabbed Steve’s pale belly with his finger. Steve’s mouth hung open in horror

“I think Coach just wanted someone a bit more athletic, you know,” Jack made sure to lift up his t-shirt and show off his six pack to Steve as he said this.

Steve’s face had turned tomato red by this point and he began to sputter, apoplectic with rage. It looked like Steve was about to blow a blood vessel, so Jack quickly exited while Steve was still in shock. Jack had to stifle a laugh as he overheard him begin to scream incoherent threats in the distance. Chuckling to himself Jack walked back to his dorm. Jack was looking forward to enjoying his weekend.
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Can’t wait for another part
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