heck of a workout

Chapter 1 - heck of a workout part 1

"-And down to the floor, all the way down people, that's right. And hold it there... Just a little longer...", Sarah called out with mild strain yet maintaining an enthusiastic tone, "Okay, and rise and touch the ceiling", she said as her torso rose and her spine straightened out raising her outstretched hands to the sky with a satisfied smile on her face. With a pinkish a hue and a gentle sheen of sweat on her brow Sarah smiled, "Good workout people, that's it for today", she called across the exercise hall. As everyone else in the room stretched one final time before fetching their water bottles lining the edge of the room Sarah cast her gaze over them all, recognising most faces as her usuals, a few new faces here and there, but one in particular stuck out among the crowd. Wiping her brow and retrieving her own bottle Sarah wandered over to the sore thumb of the group.

Seeing the woman almost fall into a lone, padded chair by the wall Sarah almost snickered at the sight, but realising that would be unprofessional and rather insulting of her she held back and gave a gentle smile and she locked eyes with the woman. Looking her over Sarah estimated her to be about thirty or thirty one years of ages, still young and lively looking, big brown eyes, pale skin, kissable, pouty lips and short, chocolate brown hair that framed her softened features. She was breathing heavily, practically panting as she cracked the seal on a large, sugary sports drink and chugged it down, then she split the rapper of a large, thick, rich looking candy bar Sarah didn't recognise and took a large bite out of it, sighing with relief as she did.

Settling down on her knees next to the woman Sarah gave a sympathetic look, "You alright? Wasn't too tough on you, I hope", she said in a kind tone as the woman began drinking from her bottle again.

"Mmm-mm", she moaned with a gentle shake of her head before taking the bottle from her lips and gasping, "No, not at all, it was fine, you were great, I just *pant* I just get tired out a little easier nowadays", she chuckled with a playful pat to her large, protruding bump.

Sarah chuckled in response as her eyes locked on the woman's swollen form, to say she stuck out in the class was a serious understatement, not the fact that she was pregnant. Sarah had grown accustomed to the appearance of pregnant women around the gym, especially in her pre-natal exercise classes, but very rarely in an advanced class such as this, which is not even aimed at pregnant women. No, what struck Sarah about this woman was that she looked as if she had never set foot in a gym or exercise hall in her life, or at least in a long time, despite her pregnant bump she appeared rather soft. Large breasts Sarah estimated to be around E cups sat heavily atop her belly, a pudgy waist stretched the tight, white workout shirt she was wearing until the seam threads were visible, and a round, pillowy ass coupled with chubby thighs spread slightly under her when she sat in her black leggings. "Can I ask how far along you are?"

"Only just six months", she answered with a smile and another playful pat to her middle, "Don't worry, I know you what're thinking, I look further along than that". Sarah's eyes bugged in response, eliciting a chuckle from the woman, but seeing the woman's cherub cheeks bulge and softened jaw work as she took another large bite of her large candy bar and ravenously chewed, her answer kind of made sense, especially in light of how quickly the candy bar was disappearing. "I'm Carolyn by the way, but most people just call me Caro", she said through a mouthful of chocolate.

"I'm Sarah", she responded. Casting another quick, subtle glance over Caro's swollen form Sarah swallowed hard and decided to bite the bullet, "So, can I ask, why did you decide to attend my class today? It's not exactly for beginners and I've never seen you around the gym before", she asked hoping Carolyn wouldn't take offence.

With a large, chocolate-filled swallow and another glug of her drink Carolyn smiled, "Well I'm sure from looking at me you can tell I'm no gym rat", she said with a light laugh, which Sarah cautiously joined in with. Calming down Caro breathed, "I go to the gym maybe once or twice a year, different gyms around the state and sometimes out of state too. The truth is I'm kind of shopping", Caro said with a cheeky smile, knowing her unusual answer had Sarah on the hook.

"What do you mean shopping? Shopping for gyms?", she asked in a slightly confused tone.

"No, not gyms, more gym instructors, I'm kind of a scout I guess you could say."

"What, like sports team scouts, who look for new players?"

"Exactly", Carolyn responded.

With a furrowed brow Sarah asked, "But why scout for gym instructors?"

Looking around the room Sarah and Carolyn noticed they were the only ones left, so Caro smiled and continued. "Well I come from a small community way out in the sticks, not really known, don't really want to be known either, we keep to ourselves and that's how we like it, but every now and then we decide to expand our community, so a few people venture out every now and then looking for people who might have something to add to our sleepy little town."

Catching on Sarah added, "And this time you're looking for gym instructors?"

Popping the final bite of her candy bar into her mouth Caro continued, "Uh-huh, we've noticed for a while now that a good portion of our community have been getting a little soft around the middle, so we figured it might not be such a bad idea to get someone in to whip us into a shape that's a little less round", she said chuckling, which caused her round belly to wobble gently. Swallowing the last of the chocolate bar she held up the large, empty wrapper and clicked her tongue, "I guess my people thought I'd be an effective selling tool, huh?" She smiled as she reached for her drink and unscrewed the cape before drinking deeply of her sweet beverage with a hand loving rubbing her bump.

"Okay, so were you scouting me? Why not just come to a pre-natal exercise class? It would've been a hell of a lot easier for you, this session's pretty full on even for people who aren't pregnant."

After draining the bottle she responded, "I tried, but this was the only class I could attend, I'm on a bit of a clock and I have a few different locations to check out before the week's up", Sarah nodded as it all made sense, or at least most of it, there was still the ominous mention of Carolyn's "community", but she felt it'd be a little rude probing a perfect stranger anymore. With a sigh Caro clapped her hands to her round middle, "Speaking of time, I think I'd best hit the showers, places to go and people to see, you know", she gave Sarah a toothy, modelesque smile. "Could you help me up? I'm still a little tired after the session, think I might've bitten off more than I could chew."

Rising to her feet Sarah took Carolyn's hands and pulled her up off the chair, as she rose the tight white T slid up revealing just how ill-fitting her workout outfit truly was and Sarah felt a small pang of guilt as the words "Looks like you've done quite a lot of that recently" raced through her mind.

With a helping hand and a rather audible groan of exertion Caro stood up from her chair, pressing her hands to her lower back she stretched and arched pushing her impressive middle even further forwards. Sarah could hardly believe the woman could look any bigger than she did until Caro's tight top slid even further up and her belly pressed even further out. Seeing Sarah's reaction Carolyn laughed, "I guess my body really wants out of this workout gear", she said as they both turned and headed to the locker room.
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