her creation

chapter 1

He is so very full, very stimulated, yet drowsy from his overfeeding. His once very loose clothes have become very tight and recently rarely worn. Naked now he leans forward, legs spread wide so that he can breathe freely. He pants, incredulous at his capacity.

She rubs his back and starts working around his sides, how she loves that roll on each side, just under his arms. She strokes gently, of course ...barely touching his skin, but just enough to get a little motion going in his succulent swaying flesh.

She is a Mid-eastern woman, soft and sybaritic. She's smart, sensual and well developed both physically and mentally. At 5'7" and a former athlete, she has a well rounded hourglass shape of her own, with a small, deliciously curved belly in profile. She might weigh about 180 wet, but despite the "athlete gone south" she retained significant muscle mass. However no one would mistake her for a boy. Her breasts 40 DD...a pretty good hand full that she loves to be handled gently and firmly.

Soon she began concentrating on her favorite "spot" at the very top of this belly she had so slowly and lovingly grown on this man. She felt the area slowly softening as she massages and, as it does, he feels a familiar swelling in his groin. For him it has been an incredible experience, lovingly encouraged to eat without abandon until he literally hurts and cannot eat another bite.

Then, completely distended, allow her to explore his girth.

For her it's wondering where his next gain will show...his breasts getting larger still? His belly sagging another fraction of an inch? She moves her hands down his sides and slips them slowly down under his belly, gently lifting up and then down as she feels his warm fat slide through her hands in a slow gentle motion. She knows he loves this.

He gasps slightly as he feels his underbelly skin stretch as she raises it, the air on it's underside feeling cold. She moves to his front to explore every inch, but realises she would rather him more comfortable, leaning back on the bed pillows so that she can work her hands from top. Lightly at first, just her finger nails, then as she feels him relax and soften, her pressure increases. As she works down she leans toward him; her nipples, now hard, graze his upper belly. Then sliding her hands down the smooth sides of his protruding gut and checking to make sure he is not too full, she begins to press her breasts into him feeling them flatten out on his stomach, her plumpness pressing into him.

He sighs, contented, and through half closed eyes he watches her move in front of him, back and forth, her breasts gently swaying, the luscious curve of her belly just visible between them. Suddenly he gasps as he feels the hard points of her nipples trace across the curve of his abdomen.
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Liz Blue BBW 6 years
The story is amazing and the picture is perfect! Well done, sir! Well done!
Story Consul... 6 years
Love it
Littleextra 6 years
Beautifully written once again! Deserves more comment imho. 😃
FrecherTyp 6 years
wow great morning sex story :-)

thanks for this sweet sexy vignette so early ^^