her decadent figure

chapter 1

There is always one girl prettier that the others in each group of friends, in Stutkand, a little town in Germany, Carmen was that girl. Her friends were pretty german girls, all blonde, blue eyes, quite tall and slender bodies. Carmen, on the other hand, was not that tall, her hair was dark brown and her eyes were green. She looked more mediterranean than all her friends, and she was by far the prettiest one. Her face had a perfect diamond face, her lips were full and she had the most perfect smile. Her hair was quite long and wavy, it rolled down over her shoulders and down to her hips. Her body was perfect, thin, but not too skinny, perfect flat stomach, round little butt, fit legs... just perfect. She had been really popular in high school and had managed to still be popular in college, where everybody seems to be minding their own bussines. Most of the guys she new had had or still had a crush on her by the time she was 20, but things were about to change for Carmen. For the past 4 years she had been in a relationship with Mark, a jerk, he was hot and nice looking, but he was just one of those guys not worth a dime. He treated her poorly and managed to always have Carmen chasing him around and dying for him. When her sophomore wear of college was about to come to an end, almost june, he decided to break up with her. How could he? She was every guy's dream... He told her that it was her fault, that she was to pretty to be with, he could not stand how guys looked at her, or hearing people making comments about how hot his girlfriend was, he wanted her just for him. She was broken hearted, the day he broke up with her, she cried all day and all night. The following day she didnt even got out of bed, she just stayed there and cried . When the third day arrived, Carmen forced herself to get out of bed, put some jeans on and head to the library, after all, finals were in just a couple weeks and she had not started studying. She was full of anxiety caused by the upcoming exams and also the fact that her boyfriend had broken up with her. It was the first time in her life she was feeling this way, sad and anxious at the same time, and after 2 days in bed, she was starving, she went to the cafeteria before actually going to the library, she grabbed a muffin and sat by the window to eat it while planning on her agenda her schedule for the next couple weeks. She ate the muffin faster than ever, almost without thinking, and right after felt less anxious but still hungry. She left her things on the table and walked over the register again.
- Can I have two more chocolate muffins and a white chocolate double cream late please? - She asked
- Amm sure... you feeling hungry today uh? - The young man asked
- Yeah.... I guess...-
She went back to her table and in less than two minutes there was no food left. She then headed to the library. She studied for a couple our before her anxiety and bad feeling started to kick in again. Her arms started to itch and she could not focus at all.... All she could think of was Mark. She had to do something or she was going to fail her finals! She took her things and went back to the cafeteria.
- How miss what can i get for you?
- Hi... could I get a grilled cheese sandwich and a milkshake please? - Carmen said as her mouth started to water
- Sure, anything else? maybe something sweet?
- Hmmm... Yeah... Do you have any chocolate doughnuts?
- Sure! white or dark chocolate?
- White! Thanks.
She ate it all she had not eaten in the past 4 days. Her belly was full and her anxiety out of the way. She could full her belly tight pushing against her skinny jeans.
On her way back home she went to the market to get more groceries, after all, she was going to need more food to cover her anxiety... She filler her cart with chocolate, cheese, doughnuts, pasta, and some peanut butter, she had always loved peanut butter....
It was not even 5 when she got home and could not resist but open one of the boxes of doughnuts and started eating while studying. She was so focused on her notes that when she realized, time had flown but and so had the doughnuts. It was 7 and she had devoured 10 doughnuts in just a couple hours. She then watched some tv, and then had some pasta for dinner before bed. This was an important day for Carmen, maybe even, the most important day of her life. She had made a connection between her anxiety and a remedy for it, food.
After this day ,almost the last week of may, all her days were this way, wake up, eat, eat a lot, go to the library, study, go back and get food, eat, eat again, eat while studying, watch tv, eat, sleep.... well and maybe eat again. Sometimes, she would wake up in the middle of the night suffocated and anxious and she would just go to her fridge and grab something, sometimes that something was some left over pasta, others it was cake, or maybe some milkshake, or chocolate or even all at once. By the time finals arrived, just in a couple weeks, Carmen looked quite different, apart from the pimples on her face from all the processed food she had been eating, her figure had changed, she now had more weight on and her belly was the proof. Pushing over her skinny jeans a cute layer of fat was showing.
Her first exam was on monday, she put on her favorite pair of jeans and tshirt. As soon as she entered in the class, she could see her friends staring at her and talking. She run to her seat and sat down, ready to take her exam. That morning she had feel extremely nervous and she had managed to eat 6 doughnuts before leaving her apartment and one on her way to the exam. As soon as she sat down, her belly came over her jeans and her tshirt started to roll up, showing her now squishy belly.
After the exam she walked to her friends and told them about Mark and how he had broken up with her. The were checking her body all the time, looking at her belly and how her face looked oily. But after the sad news, the could not tell her anything about it. The week went by and so did the boxes of ice cream, of chocolate, of doughnuts, of cream... She had managed to survive her exams, but the food had not survived at all. The last day of exams they were going out on the night to celebrate the beginning of their summer break. She put on one of her favorite dresses, and checked herself in the mirror.... She could tell she didnt look like she used to, but she convinced herself that she was still hot. She put on some makeup to cover up her pimples and ironed her hair. She looked beautiful.
That night she drank a lot, maybe to celebrate but also to forget about Mark. After the party, at 4 am, she went home, she was really drunk, and for the first time in the past 3 weeks, she was not thinking about mark, she was thinking about food, as her stomach roared. She sat on the counter top in her kitchen and started eating, first some cookies, then some cream with them, then some chocolate, then chips... bite after bite, she lost control, she ate and ate until her body said stop and her belly hurt too much to eat more. She then walked to her room and just threw herself in bed.
The next morning, she woke up feeling hungry, with her belly still bloated and pushing tight against her dress. She took it off while sitting in the edge of her bed. She looked down, her belly didn let her see her undies and her boobs looked bigger. She placed her hand on her belly and grabbed it.
- How did this even happened? - she asked herself.
She then took a shower and headed to the kitchen.
" I need to stop this... I can not eat and eat or I'm going to get fat... I should start a diet..." She opened her fridge and tried to find some food behind all the junk food she had. She managed to find an apple that was about to go bad. She ate it, but it did not fill her up...
" I cant just eat an apple... if I eat just one cookie.... I will not feel as hungry and its not that bad if its just one..."
She took that one cookie, but after that cookie came an other, and an other, and this breakfast turned into a binge.
She tried to diet for days, but she always found herself binging, even when she was out, she would go to a restaurant, order just a salad but ended up ordering fries and hamburgers....
This circle kept going for weeks, and she somehow always managed to binge, even at some point, 2 times a day. Her body could not handle all that and she started to round out. After just a month she had put on 35 pounds of pure fat. Most of her fat was placed on her belly, making it really obvious to see. Her jeans still fit, but her belly would bubble over the waist band on her jeans and hang a little. She knew just how much she was growing, as she checked her body every morning in the mirror, trying to convince herself to stick to a diet at last. But it didnt seem to work. Every day she found her belly hanging a little lower than the day before, covering more. Every day she was finding new stretch marks on her lower belly. Every night she was washed her face, she could feel her belly getting in the way, hitting against the sink. She could see her bloated belly every night as she laid in bed. She knew.... but she could not stop.
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