her little secret

Chapter 1

Once upon a time, in a small town, there lived a young couple named Emily and David. They were deeply in love and decided to embark on a journey together by getting married. Emily was a sweet and caring woman, while David was a handsome and active young man.

After their marriage, Emily discovered a unique fascination within herself. She felt an overwhelming attraction towards David's larger body size. She found herself mesmerized by his softness and began to fantasize about him gaining weight. Secretly, she wanted to see him grow bigger and more indulgent.

Emily, being a creative and resourceful person, devised a plan to fulfill her desires. She started by preparing delicious and mouthwatering meals always followed up by massive desserts for David, tempting him with his favorite dishes and desserts. Emily, a cunning and mischievous woman, found herself devising a devious plan, injecting a few teaspoons of weight gain powder into the velvety, buttery mashed potatoes she was preparing for dinner. Emily's eyes gleamed mischievously as she imagined David unknowingly indulging in the innocent-looking dish, completely oblivious to her clandestine scheme to fatten him up. The creamy concoction held the hidden potential to reshape his physique, ensuring that David's gradual transformation would remain a secret, at least for now.she would lovingly serve him, doting on him hand and foot, making sure he was comfortable and well-fed.

Unbeknownst to David, Emily began to subtly encourage a more sedentary lifestyle for him. She would suggest cozy evenings on the couch watching movies or playing video games together, rather than engaging in physical activities. She skillfully convinced him to stay at home more often, using her love and affection to mask her true intentions.

one evening, She had prepared a massive, delicious dinner, knowing that the indulgent meal would leave David feeling stuffed and content. As they sat down to eat, Emily couldn't help but notice how delicious everything looked. She knew that if she played her cards right, she could convince David to stay home and relax on the couch after their meal.

With her plan in motion, Emily engaged David in a conversation about how exhausted she was from her busy work schedule. She emphasized the importance of taking a break, spending quality time together, and enjoying a movie night at home. David, feeling a bit sluggish from the heavy meal, readily agreed to the idea.

As they settled on the couch, Emily made sure to choose a movie that would captivate David's attention and keep him sedentary for an extended period. She nestled up next to him, occasionally stealing glances at his now slightly plump tummy. She felt a warmth in her heart, knowing that her plan was working.

As the weeks went by, Emily continued to prepare delicious meals for David, ensuring that each one was rich in flavor and calories. She took pleasure in watching him savor every bite and gradually noticed his tummy expanding. And his clothes growing ever tighter David, unaware of Emily's true intentions, simply attributed his weight gain to a combination of good food and a sedentary lifestyle.

As time went by, David's waistline expanded, and he began to notice the changes in his body. At first, he felt a mix of surprise and concern, but Emily was always there to reassure him and shower him with affection. She made him feel loved and desired, regardless of his weight gain.

Feeling content and adored, David embraced his growing size and found pleasure in indulging himself with Emily's lovingly prepared meals and treats. He realized that he enjoyed the sensation of his expanding belly and the comfort it brought him. He cherished the way Emily looked at him and the attention she lavished upon him.

Over the course of the next year, David gained a substantial amount of weight, reaching an impressive extra hundred pounds. Emily's secretive plan had succeeded beyond her wildest dreams. She was ecstatic to witness her husband's transformation, and her love for him grew even stronger.

One day, David and Emily had a heartfelt conversation about their relationship and David's newfound appreciation for his larger body. He confessed to Emily that he had grown to love his increased size and wanted to continue gaining weight. He explained how it made him feel confident, loved, and fulfilled.

Emily, overjoyed by David's revelation, shared her own desires and confessed her role in his weight gain. It was a moment of truth and vulnerability between them. They both realized that their desires aligned perfectly, and they were ready to explore this unconventional path together.

From that day forward, Emily embraced her role as David's encourager and supporter. She became even more dedicated to her husband's happiness, ensuring that he had everything he needed to continue gaining weight. She researched new recipes, sought out weight gain communities, and connected with like-minded individuals who shared their unique lifestyle.

David, filled with love, trust, and excitement, continued his journey of weight gain. With Emily's unwavering support, he explored new indulgences, discovered new pleasures, and gained even more weight. Their bond deepened as they embarked on this unconventional path together, cherishing every moment of their shared journey.
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