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chapter 1

The group had at last settled down for the night, as Soldatov began to make his last notes for the night, scanning the forest like surroundings for any wild animals or rebels. He was more worried about the latter, as him and his men had just captured a group of rebels, so they might go for their own people. But at the same time, they seemed somewhat same.

That was comforting, and he’d rather keep it that way.

He turns around on his heels and walks back to the main camp. A few flames glow, from campfire to torch, and some tents were made. Other men preferred outside. The rebels were kept separate, but all were guarded by a group of people who took night watch.

Soldatov glanced over to where one of the separatists was kept. The tall man strolled over, and the rebel, identified as a woman, looked up at him. He leaned down, placing a gloved hand on her face, as if inspecting her. The woman’s expression was bothered, maybe even annoyed, but she dare not attack him. She was in no place to do so, and even then if she could that would make her situation worse, attacking a high command.

Soldatov used his other hand to brush through her hair, which was currently a dirty blonde, literally. It was a lot harder to see in the darkness as well. Small cuts and bits of dirt marked her face. “Ah,” he exhaled. “Even for a rebel, you hold the beauty of a mainlander. Shame it had to go to waste.” He speaks somewhat quietly, just enough for the both of them to hear.

His voice is almost belittling, but he is honest when he says she is beautiful. Even though she isn’t cleaned, yet - and the rebel does not know when she will get clean water either. If, even. Her blue eyes somewhat harden at the waste remark, though.
Soldatov seems to note his and he pulls his hands away. The woman is determined, not taking her eyes away from him. He likes this. It’s a change. Most rebels are cowering dogs, crying to not be killed, but her?

She’s silent and strong.

Soldatov leaves, passing by another one of his men, nicknamed Sharpie. He nods off to her, and he himself retires to his own tent for the night. They’d get back to the town by midday tomorrow.


Midday hit.

Soldatov was interested in the fact that no rebels had intercepted them. It was peculiar, almost if they planned it..

..he feels eyes on him.

Soldatov looks to the woman, but she’s not looking at him. Anymore, at least. The townspeople are away in their homes; most at least. The children are kept inside, however. By worrying parents. They fear Soldatov and his men, especially with the display of these..prisoners.

He’s taking them where, you might wonder?

He’s taking them to be judged. To see their worth. If they’ll be cannon fodder, interrogated, or the..other option.

What is the other option?

I’m glad you asked.


The prisoners are being judged. There’s about five in total, a fair catch. Two are to be cannon fodder on the front lines, two are interrogated..and then there’s that woman. Soldatov stands behind the line of prisoners, not daring to look up at his superiors. When they speak for him to look up, he does.

He’s surprised, even upset, but he doesn’t protest.

The woman is given to him.

This is the third option I spoke about. A different form of the second one, but instead, the prisoner will be like a citizen of the town..just with a lot less rights. Soldatov has a new mission.

It’s to figure out this woman’s deal, while also keeping her from escaping.


“Where is everyone else?” The woman speaks for the first time. Soldatov is still upset about his ordeal. He’ll be staying in the town for some time.

“I’m not going to tell you that.”

“Why?” Childish questions.

“Because I’m not permitted to.”

“..Why?” Stop it.

“Because it’s the rules.”


“Why?” I’m trying to be nice to you here, but you’re making it real hard.

“Because that’s how things work.” And with that, he introduces the woman to her room.

By handcuffing her to the bed.

Again, she gives Soldatov the silent treatment. He’s just getting a bit more annoyed, now. This is making his life a whole lot harder. Now he’s gonna need to ask her some questions.

He sits down, staring at the woman that refuses to look at him.

“What is your name?”


“If you don’t answer, I’ll give you a name.”


“Alright, how does U sound? I like it, it’s short for Useless. Because that’s what you’re being right now.”


“Great. Onto th-“

“It’s Axelle.”

He sees her visibly relax, as if giving in. Tilting his head slightly, he continues.

“Alright, Axelle,” he practices saying it in mind, “can you tell me what sort of job you do?”

“Besides rebelling?” He quickly adds.

“I worked for my family as a farmer and cook.”

He notes that. That’s good, then. She’s not completely useless after all.

“Got any family?” He stands up, turning away.

“Why does that matter?” Again, she goes hostile.

With a sigh, Soldatov responds. “Because I need to ask these questions. I have all day, you know. We can make this go fast and you get an easy time. Or we go slow, and maybe you’ll end up in one of those cold, miserable dungeons down below with the rest of your people.”

When he gets no response, Soldatov turns..

..at the very second the woman breaks free and scrambles to escape.

“Huh? How did you-“

No time for questions when she runs out the doorway into the hallway. Soldatov immediately pursues, believing it’ll be an easy catch. The woman has no idea where she’s going. She’s running herself right into a dead end, into the kitchens! There are no exits there that an adult could escape out of!

Unbeknownst to him, Axelle has something up her sleeves to get out of this pickle..
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