her pleasure

Chapter 1 - her creation

He is very very full, very stimulated, yet drowsy from the continual, endless over feeding. His clothes loose at the beginning were now painfully tight. He leaned forward, his legs spread wide so that he could continue to breathe freely. He panted, finally standing, stunned incredulous at his capacity, at his spectacular immensity.

She rubbed his back and started working around his sides, loving those new rolls just under his arms on each side. She stroked gently, of course ...just through the stretched fabric and just enough pressure to get a sensation of his succulent soft flesh.

She stood in front of him watching him struggle, unloosening his now too small clothing, his impossible shirt buttons and imprisoning belt buckle as she slipped out of hers, the heat rising in her.

She too is soft and sybaritic. Smart, sensual and well rounded both physically and mentally. A former athlete, she is comfortable in her delicious hourglass shape, with a delicious curving belly she knew he loved to explore.

Maybe about 190 wet, but despite the "athlete gone south" she retained significant muscle mass. She would not, however, be mistaken for a boy. Her breasts are 40 D...a pretty good hand full that thrilled her when handled gently and firmly.

"Let me help you sit baby"

A pulse of pleasure stabbed through her as she watched him move, swollen, glutted, distended. The edge of the bed sagging under his weight.

She is pleased with him and sighed with pleasure, for now is when his body is at its ripest and they are both at their peaks of arousal.

Now straddling his naked thighs she begins concentrating on their "spot", the hard bump at the very top of his belly pushed up by his engorged stomach. Some couples have "their song" or "their movie"...this is their spot...It's the fullest, most protruding portion of his abdomen, just below his breasts, now firm and hard from his willing gluttony.

She loves the feel of it as she gently kneads it with the heel of her hand. A soft burp and the spot slowly softens as she massages and, as it does, he feels a familiar swelling in his groin.

For him it's an incredible experience, eating without abandon until he literally hurts and cannot eat another bite. Then, completely distended, allow her to explore his girth. Their excited, whispered discussions about where he has fattened and where the next gain will show...his breasts getting larger still? His belly sagging another fraction of an inch? His arms slowly raised from his sides from his swelling breast fat?

She moves her hands down his sides and slips them slowly down under his belly, gently lifting it up and then down as she feels his warm fat slide against her abdomen in a slow gentle motion. He gasps slightly as he feels his underbelly skin stretch as she raises it, the air on it's underside feeling cold. She shivers slightly with anticipation as her fingers sink in to his stretching flesh...so heavy and soft; up high he is firm, but very low they sink in deeply. She moves to his front to explore every inch, but realises she would rather him more comfortable, leaning back on the bed pillows so that she can straddle his hips and work her hands from top. Lightly at first, just her finger nails, then as he feels himself soften, her pressure increases. As she works down she leans toward him; her nipples, now hard, graze his swollen belly. Then sliding her hands down the smooth sides of his protruding gut and careful of his fullness, she begins to press her breasts into him feeling them flatten out on his stomach, her plumpness pressing into him.

He sighs, contented, and through half closed eyes he watches her move in above him, back and forth, her breasts gently swaying, the luscious curve of her belly just visible between them. Suddenly he gasps as he feels the hard points of her nipples trace across the curve of his abdomen. She whispers "I need you in me now, please". He slides down from the pillows and helps her straddle his thick thighs, holding up his belly as she centers herself. Achingly slow, she slides on and settles, she is so moist he slips in easily, despite his thickness. So tight......her hips rotate their bellies push at each other.

Watching his face, she slowly lowers herself onto his aching manhood, her breasts flattening on the top shelf of his belly, her hands pressing, massaging, exploring everywhere.... then an electric shock as her stomach grazes his. He feels her heat as her hips rotate towards him, bringing every inch she can into contact, gently rocking her hips.

Lifting slightly she squeezes his shaft with her inner muscles, clasping it firmly and begins stroking his great abdomen from sternum to pubis, briefly slipping her finger into his navel each pass. The hardness of her pubic area now pushes into his aggressively, tugging his skin, her hard pubis massaging the muscles of his abdominal sheath as she strokes forward and up. The sensations of his soft abdomen encompassing her and his erection swelling inside her stimulates her beyond control and she begins to rotate faster. Urging her on, he cups her breasts lifting them, feeling them pulse and quake in his hands as she rocks over him. He lifts them, his thumbs making small circles on the erect nipples. She pants faster, as does he, the feeling of her squeezing his belly as she convulses making him even more aroused, with each surge he arches his back thrusting up into her, his belly a liquid balloon upon which she is floating.

Frantically she is trying to touch every inch of him all at once, to hold every fattened inch in her hands, feel every inch with her breasts and arms and legs and thighs and belly, as she moves faster and faster toward her peak, her hands everywhere...slipping into his deep folds of fat, squeezing him, massaging him, loving his fullness and softness, the ocean-like surge of his belly fat between her thighs, his hard center throbbing deep within her. He pulls her breasts into his mouth, and he hears her moan, her hips jerking and he knows she is exploding brilliantly.

Suddenly she feels no weight, she is riding a soft cloud, suspended in his hands, feeling only the sliding of her soft skin against the fat of his body. Involuntarily her hips begin to jerk faster, and as he feels her inner muscles clench and spasm, he explodes with her, arching up into her and orgasmic waves of pleasure sweep them both into the endless void.
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FrecherTyp 8 years
i found the deliscious description of the touching flesh and bellies so erotic that was really hot
FrecherTyp 9 years
wow this was hot again ;-)
Liz Blue BBW 9 years
Amazingly hawt....As usual. Thank you so much for sharing!
FrecherTyp 9 years
uihhhh ;-) !!!
Csmith 9 years
What a lovely surprise.