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chapter - the shrinking

She started shrinking. My girlfriend, my doughy snack of a lover, was losing weight.

Mia and I have been dating for about three months, and I know for a fact that she must've gained at least 20 pounds in the past year or two before we started dating. Actually, when we were only just acquainted, she admitted to have recently popped a button on her shorts.

Now, three months later, her pants were getting loose. She was losing the luscious belly rolls, the deliciously round behind, the small double chin I adored. It was heart-breaking.

"Babe, can you get me a belt from the drawer?" Mia asked, gripping the waistband of her jeans so that they won't slip off. We were in her room getting ready for dinner with a couple of friends.
"Sure" I said, passing her a black leather belt. "Have you tried any of the cookies I left for you?"
Mia fastened the belt up to its first notch. "Hell no, I've been too occupied with my PSETS to actually eat anything. It's a little embarrassing to admit, but I've had nothing but cold rice with soy sauce for the last week or so"

There it was. The reason for this disastrous unfolding of events. This was my chance.

"Aw Mia, why didn't you say anything? I would have stayed and cooked for you. In fact, would you like for me to stay and cook for you this week? You know how much I love cooking"

She looked at me all starry eyed, clearly on board. "That would be awesome! Maybe we'll actually make some progress on our movie list"

And that was that.

We went to a hummus place that has free refills on hummus and salads. I actually only recently found out, since I'm always too stuffed after the first bowl to think about eating anything else.
That didn't stop me from asking for a refill, to make Mia more comfortable asking for one. She followed suit, of course. And while I barely touched mine, Mia managed to cram the whole extra bowl and then some.
By the end of the evening her soft gut was visible through her oversized button-down shirt and straining her belt.

Walking back to her apartment, I wrapped my hand over her waist and gave her love-handle a little squeeze. Slighter, but plump nonetheless.
Mia smiled as I felt soft fingers wriggle their way onto mine, giving me an affirming squeeze.

---------------------------------- ------------------------

"Damn, I really need to get this thing off of me", she said while unbucking her belt. "You seem like you might need a little help" I said, embracing her from behind. I started to slowly release the buttons of her blouse, making sure to squeeze and prod and caress as much as I could in the process. Small moans escaped her lips as I made my way down, grabbing at her belly rolls. I could hardly contain myself.

I removed her shirt and threw us both on the bed. We fell down, giggling and kissing furiously. She was so soft. I'll never let her lose it. She was too hot, too beautiful, too sexy to slim down now. She had to know it, right? Her large breasts, her ample hips, her soft curving belly that creased in the middle with a grabbable lower roll that made me go crazy. Oh, and she loved to eat. She was greedy, even if she tried to hide it. I nibbled on her neck and she gasped.

Straddling her, I slid my fingers down to her inner thighs, giving them a gentle squeeze before testing her wetness. She was soaked.

----------------------------------- -------------------

I stood at the kitchen counter, stirring a dark goopy dough with a wooden spoon. Chocolate cupcakes were always a favorite. Next on the list was creamy pasta with coconut milk and sweet potatoes. I pictured her swelling up in her sleep, flesh rising like dough, rolls expanding, overflowing her sleeping shorts, seeping onto the mattress.

I had a feeling this was going to be a good week.
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Ellegirl 1 year
Love it thus far! Can't wait to read more.
FTMfatty 1 year

I hope there is more to this story.
TheStoryteller 1 year
Oh, there sure is. 😈