high school reunion stuffing relationship

chapter 1-the beginning of something huge

The streets were bright and busy on this Friday night, Jacob, a 24 year old construction worker out of college, studied to be a carpenter was out with his friends going from bar to bar and having a few beers. They were going up and down the streets when he ran into one of his friends from high school, Jennifer, they stopped and talked for a minute about what they’ve been up to. Jacob and Jennifer had been friends in high school but haven’t talked to each other since their senior year, they kind of just went their seperate ways.

Jacob has always just look liked a normal guy, not particularly fit but not unfit in any way. About 5’11, but he was always a good friend, listened well, had good advice, trustworthy, all the stuff you looked for in a friend.

Jennifer has always been beautiful, way out of Jacobs league, she had nice round tits that were just perfect in every way. Her ass sat in her jeans like they were on a shelf, so round and plump, jiggled a bit when she walked, even in track pants it was drool worthy. Despite having nice tits and big ass she had a fairly small belly, she weighted about 120 pounds and was pretty thin. She has gorgeous eyes and a beautiful, white smile. Her hair was long and wavy, a very nice brown colour. She was hilarious, too, and was also a very good friend to talk too.

Jennifer was also 24, coming out of cooking school and also coming out a really bad relationship and needed a friend to lean on. Jacob was always Attracted to her, I mean who wouldn’t be, but they had been really good friends so he wouldn’t know if he should make a move to a more serious type
Of sexual relationship. But now that he hasn’t seen her in 7 years maybe things had kind of reset. So he made the first move.

Jacob asked her if she was busy the next night, he wanted to take her out for dinner. She said she’d love too, but where was he going to take her. Jacob said wherever she wanted, he said he’d pick her up at 6:00. They exchanged numbers and they went their separate ways, knowing they’d see each other again, soon.

The run in was a bit awkward but they both knew there was some kind of sexual attraction that was there and ready to be exploited .

Jacob did, indeed pick up Jennifer the next night a 6pm Sharp. Jacob looked nice for a date but Jennifer was always casual so he just had a golf shirt and nice jeans. Jennifer had a tank top on and white pants which really showed her ass and made it pop and Jacob loved it. They went to a fairly nice restaurant, it was Jennifer’s favourite spot.

They sat down and started with drinks, beer and wine, Jennifer told Jacob about her ugly breakup and how she was recovering. Jacob asked what happened and she said he would force her to be skinny and not even let her eat sometimes, he was abusive and she got sick of it. She told Jacob this was her first meal out since and she was tired of eating just salad. Jacob smiled but he was worried she’d overeat and he didn’t know what to think of that. He’d never imaged a perfect girl like her would want to eat bad.

When the waiter came Jacob just ordered a burger and fries, nothing special. While Jennifer ordered a double stacked burger and as many fries as they could fit, as well as nachos and chips for a side. Jennifer said she was going all out and didn’t care about anything else.

The nachos came and Jennifer ate them so fast she couldn’t even talk, Jacob said he didn’t want any. The food came shortly after but Jennifer was already 3 glasses of wine in. She devoured her burger and said she felt tired but still hungry. Meanwhile Jacob could only eat 3/4 of his burger and half his fries, he wasn’t even hungry in the first place Jennifer finished off his meal. Then she ordered two hot, chocolate covered brownies for dessert and although Jacob said he didn’t want one. She said she knew.

Jacob was growing worried about this. But some part of him was getting aroused by the fact she doesn’t care about anything in the world. She ate the brownies so fast Jacob could hardly smell them before they were gone.

Jenifer had ate a large plate of nacho chips, a double stacked burger, plus 3/4 of another, large plate of fries plus half of Jacobs, two large, chocolate covered brownies and 6 glasses of wine.

Somehow she wasn’t drunk. Jacob assumed it was because she ate so much, the wine didn’t affect her.

After she finished dessert she leaned back and sighed. She patted her stomach area and said “shit Jacob I needed that thank you”. Jacob couldn’t see her stomach clearly so he kind of leaned over.

The flat stomached Jennifer from an hour ago now looked like he impregnated her 4 months ago. She had a food baby the size of a basketball. Jacob was weirded out at first but then he felt himself get hard, he liked it and he wasn’t sure why.

Her long brown hair sat over her boobs and on her new found gut, her hands were rubbing the bump and he tits were sitting on top, even her tits had a foodbaby, Jacob had never seen anything like it. He was amazed, and hard as a rock. She was gorgeous, even more than before. She had a hard time standing up and when she did, Jacob noticed her tank top was smaller and he could see the bottom of her stomach. Her ass had grown and her beautiful white pants were almost bursting at the scene. He wanted to rub her curves so bad. As soon as they left he started squeezing her pushy, juggling ass. And then her beautiful mushy tits but he loved to rub her perfectly round gut.

He drove her home and she invited him up. She layed out on the couch and Jacob got on top of her. Rubbing and kissing her squishy gut and tits. Jennifer was surprised, she didn’t know he was into this but she too was aroused. She started moaning and Jacob started to take of her shift and unbuckle her pants. Jennifer took of his belt and unzipped his jeans. Jacob took of his shirt and started kissing her. They stood up and moved to the bed. Jacob feeling her bulged nipples and growing gut and kept complementing her on her new body. She loved it and both of them were turned on. Jennifer felt Jacobs rock hard cock and Jacob started to fuc her huge body and she loved it. They were inside of each other and they were closer than they had ever been to anyone in their lives. They felt a connection. As Jacob cums in her and Jennifer keeps moaning and telling Jacob to fuc her more and more. It was the best sex either of them ever experienced. It was a high that they wanted to continue but when they knocked out and woke up, Jennifer’s food baby was gone, her bloating had gone down. But Jacob said it was okay because they could go out and she could get one again. She had actually put on about 4 pounds from the previous night, once she got on the scale. She felt so good, and so did Jacob. They said they should meetup soon and Jennifer could cook for them for the next night if he wanted to come over. He accepted.

To be continued.
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Love it
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Pretty fast pace, but a good start