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Chapter 1 - the job

Sophia woke up to an exciting day. After graduating college with a culinary degree she had finaly started her new job. A food critic.
Although this was the first day at her new job she woke up just like normal. She brushed her teeth, showered, did her hair, does what anyone does in the morning.
Sophia was a slightly tall girl, with long legs, and very wide hips. Unfortunatly she's very athletic, so she's always been slim, but she still managed to keep a little bit of extra padding on her backside and boobs.
After leaving her apartment she decided to stop for breakfast before going to the restaurant she was being paid to review, because it was a lunch place. Although she was fine with this arrangement it struck her as a little odd. The magazine that paid her to write reviews apeared to have no home office. She was just required to eat at a specific place, write a breif review, and then email it to a generic gmail address. She had no idea who she was working for of where they were. However with sudent loans and rent she didn't feel the need to ask too many questions.
Sophia ate a quick coffee and doughnut for breakfast and then headed strait for the restaurant, to arrive early to avoid the lunch rush. She found a small building at the address given named "Comfort Deep Fried". She then got out of her car and took a closer look at the place to discover something slightly disturbing. Ever customer in the store was severely overweight.
Almost every table in the room was filled with the most fattening food imaginable, pizzas, macaroni and cheese, and an oddly large number of deep fried twinkies (and tons of fries of course). What little space wasn't taken up by fattening food was almost entirely occupied by fattened people.
Sophia didn't spot a person there under 300 pounds. In fact she was almost crushed by an especially large woman speed-waddling out the door whispering to her self, "Golden Corral 1/2 of only for 20 more minutes". She decided to sit down and review the list of things she was required to order and completely finish. She was shocked to see 7 items on the list. Including the pizza, frys, and 1 dozen doughnuts.
2 hours latter, she had gotten through 5 of the 7 when a young waiter came to her and asked, "Do you need help finishing mam'?"
At first she just gave him a perplexed look, but them she looked around. All of the pudding cups of people around her were being fed by the wait staff. She was very weirded out by this, but knowing she needed the money, she decided to tell him to go ahead.

Another hour later and Sophia waddled her way out of the little building with the big people. She had worn a skirt and top and both had seen better days. The top had risen up to her belly button, and the skirt had completely ripped off of her.
She drove strait home, and went strait to bed. The next morning, after having gained at least 5 pounds, she wrote a sparkling review of "the best hole-in-the-wall food joint she'd ever been to." She was so tired she skipped her workout that day and just decided to chill with a pint or 3 of icecream and Netflix. She told herself it was just a cheat day. She didn't realize just how much her sketchy job would take out of her.

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Rstlne 8 years
Rstlne 8 years
The boos could be another restaurant owner/potential lover.
Aleashaw 8 years
will be happy to see the next
i am french and it's easy to read your story just continues

sorry for the mistakes