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chapter 1

I'm not where I thought I be at 22. Yes, I married and I should be happy, but this is not a marriage I signed up for.

He's 10 years older than me. When we first met 3 years ago, I was a naive girl, fresh out of high school, entering college. My parents had taken me to a buffet to celebrate me becoming an adult officially. I have always been a chubby girl, much to my parents' constant effort trying to control their chubby daughter becoming a whale. My weight has always hovered around 20 lbs over the ideal healthy weight for someone my size, at 5 ft, and I remember at the buffet, when I was getting up to go for thirds, my mom patted my protruding belly and said,

"Careful Josephine. You're entering college, and no boy wants to date a fat piggy."

My face redden as she said this out loud enough for two cute guys beside our table to hear. One of them, with blond hair, caught my eyes and winked. I still went up to grab more, telling her this was just a special occasion to celebrate.

While up there, at the seafood station, the blond guy came up with his plate, passed me his number, saying I was cute and we should go out some time.

I know this was so unexpected, and rush of me. But as I mentioned before, I was a young naive 19 years old at time.

After 6 months of dating, mostly restaurants and then back to his place, telling me how he loves my curves, we had gotten married. I was an obese bride at the time, 70 lbs overweight and waddling down the church isle. I didn't mind though, because i was happy and getting married. Tom hadn't told me yet he was a feeder.

Fast forward until after our honeymoon on a cruise and me coming back another 20 lbs on me, Tom told me his desire for me to be a wife who enjoyed eating after I expressed concerns. So I embraced it, and we started our new life together, with him spoiling me with meals after meals.

I honestly didn't know what to expect with this new life, being his "feedee" but his love for me and my fatness overpowered loved ones' concerns, that bad feelings I got after being made fun of by strangers and peers around campus.

By the time I hit 300 lbs, I was literally a ball of fat, and that's when things started to change.

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Karenjenk 3 years
I'll say it again.... the Dom thing does it for me
This is great so far
FatPig4Feeding 3 years
Love this