his island hideaway

chapter 1

So he wrote sitting on the deep, shaded porch of a sun-bleached and weather-worn bungalow overlooking a pristine beach. He hit "SEND" and leaned back with a contented sigh, tropical breezes rustling the palm fronds above, no one for miles except for him, the very expensive satellite above...and soon her, if she knew what was good for her.

Steep volcanic mountains clad in emerald green climbed behind him, horsetail-like waterfalls cascaded down floral wreathed waterways sending mist flying, cooling the air heavy with a perfume of exotic flowers.

Soon she would be here, he knew what she wanted, what she needed...all he had to do was wait.

It didn't take long.


Sh e caught a glimpse of a cozy bungalow and from the words read between the lines of his note she assumed it was his. Its sagging porch a perfect nest for dreams, a place for her to curl up with a book and forget everything the world outside.

As she walked toward the bungalow along the white sand beach she marveled at her good fortune. Everywhere she looked was sheer tropical luxury; the wind seemed to carry her worries away, bearing them out to sea. She felt the heavy wool sweater itch her neck and she yearned to be free of her heavy boots. Still not exactly sure _how_ she was suddenly here, but relieved all the same.

Then she saw him, swaying on a hammock, his big naked belly a large soft mound of lightly tanned flesh, a Harley ball cap pulled down over his eyes as he snoozed, digesting what appeared to be an immense meal by the look of his belly it was so distended. Was this the same man?

There was a tray within reach with two tall, glasses and large frosty pitcher...margaritas? mojito? daiquiri?
Her mouth watered imagining the sharp alcoholic tang of lemon and lime, her heavy city clothes itched.

One glance at his softly bowed belly told her he'd already had lunch, but knowing him she would be willing to bet that he will treat them both to a delicious dinner as well. Perhaps he has some local fish or prawns for her and a marinated steak for him. She noticed a juicy cut pineapple on the table and some chilies strung off the beams of the porch roof. All good things since she had working so hard being good, keeping her meals lean, but she did love to help others, especially him, indulge.

Still a little numb from all that she was sensing, she tore her eyes away from his definitely bigger shape she gasped again at the gorgeous interior mountain range rising steeply behind the cabin. She could barely restrain herself from hiking straight to the nearest waterfall, but noticed him rouse below, in her opinion, an adorably wishful harley cap these many miles from the nearest paved road and saw him turn toward her as though he'd been awaiting her arrival any minute.

He smiled at her with sleepy but affectionate eyes, "Hello my dear," he said in that deep voice that always made her quake way down deep in her belly, "glad you made it intact...care for a mojito?"

"However," that amazing voice continued, "first get those uncomfortable clothes off, you're making me hot just looking at you," and added, "And there's a shower warmed up and waiting for you inside, towels over the cabinet."

She brushed his lips with a brief kiss and smile without a word and stroked the soft undercurve of his belly. She disappeared from view and he heard the clink of the mixer, ice rattling in a glass, a soft gurgle of liquid and then a long satisfied sigh.

"I won't be long," she said as she gave the hammock a push and set it to swaying. He closed his eyes and his round face lit with a satisfied smile as the sound of her footsteps slowly faded and he slipped back into his dreamless nap.

She gladly accepted the invitation to shower, throwing her heavy clothes to the floor and stepping in to the bamboo lined stall. She let the water run down her body and thought of him laying in the hammock, fattened to perfection for her. She loved how soft and round he had become, filling out in all the right places. Her fingers start to wander south, but she wanted to keep this shower short and back to him as soon as she can. Lord, she thought, I've missed him so and can't wait to catch up.

She slipped on a light sundress and flip flops she found in his closet, loving his thoughtfulness and made her way through his adorable bungalow back to the front porch.

He'd fallen back to sleep again, her sweet fat man swaying in the breeze waiting for her. She leaned down and kissed him lightly and watched his eyes open. His size and nearness and scent was so intoxicating she couldn't help herself but reached out to feel his huge belly again. It was so luscious and plump she could barely contain herself. She'd never seen him so big, his stomach wide and so incredibly soft, his breasts grown in size to rival hers.

"I can't wait to treat you to an indulgent dinner and get you into that bedroom, you delicious fat man" she whispered to herself, "I have a feeling I'm going to love exploring you tonight."

He slowly rose to semi consciousness, feeling her lips once again against his, warm and rose petal soft with a definite tang of mojito. Then her hand on his belly, moving in slow circles and he sighed in pleasure as he felt her explore it, first feeling then massaging with the heel of her hand the fullness of his upper stomach.

"You've eaten well while we have been apart" she said, her palm cupping and gently squeezing the soft underside below his navel, then into his navel itself as her fingers entered him, swirling the soft surrounding pool of his belly fat.

He groaned again, an almost forgotten heat deep inside him stirring, "woman, I've missed you so," he whispered, loving her cat-like palpitation of his fattened body.

"I know, baby, I'm finally here now," she answered "and look how fat you've gotten for me."
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FrecherTyp 8 years
oh i like where this is going and i would go with her ;-) please write more to your lovely sexy story ^^
FrecherTyp 8 years
oh my that was lovely hehe i would really consider doing things like this now :-)

please write more of your nice and interesting ideas ^^
Liz Blue BBW 9 years
Yes sir, I like where this is going.
Csmith 9 years
Oh my!
Jktab 9 years
Ffancy 9 years
Amazing! A sensual delight.
Soft And Furry 9 years
Yes keep going!!