hog wild weekend

Chapter 1 - day 1

"I haven't eaten like this in so long," Barb practically moaned between the spoonfuls of bacon mac and cheese being consistently shoved in her mouth. Daniel smiled, watching her thick chins wobble as she chewed and swallowed.

"Weren't you on that diet for a month? I don't know how you kept it going. A girl like you needs to eat. I'm glad you're letting me help you."

Daniel and Barb had met almost a year ago on a hookup app. She had been surprised that such a fit, attractive man like Daniel was interested in spending time with a 315lb roly-poly of a woman like her. A fun and casual friends with benefits relationship formed between them. Daniel took her out to eat at delicious restaurants, encouraging her to order as much as she wanted. It was so new being with a man who didn't seem ashamed of her size. Barb adored the dazzling smile he gave her when she finished off extra pieces of bread or burped after a third helping of dessert. Then he would whisk her back to her apartment for a night of belly rubs and sweet love making. It was a dream come true.

It wasn't long before the results of Daniel's pampering began showing up on Barb's body. She was already an obese woman; her fat, droopy belly, wide hips and humongous thighs forced her to waddle to the kitchen when she wanted a late night snack. Daniel's encouragement added nearly 30 more pounds of lard to her frame. Barb didn't exactly mind, but her doctor did.

"You are morbidly obese," he informed her grimly, squeezing a caliper on a hefty helping of belly fat. "You need to stop eating like a pig being fattened for slaughter and get your health in check."

She was put on a very strict diet that eliminated all of her favorite things to eat. The next time she went out with Daniel, Barb ordered a side salad with no dressing and a lemon water.

"Are you feeling alright?" he asked with great concern, squeezing her chubby hand in his.

"I have to go on a diet for a while. My doctor says it's for my health. I'm sorry." She looked away with embarrassment. Daniel gave a disappointed sigh but smiled gently.

"It's alright. You know what's best for you."

She devoured her salad in just a few bites. He could hear her belly growl from across the table.

Weeks went by, and it was clear Barb's diet wasn't helping at all. It only made her cranky and hungry. Daniel hated seeing her suffer like that.

"What if you indulged yourself," he suggested one night, "just for a couple of days - a weekend, maybe - then you can start your diet back up again."

Barb liked the sound of that. A month of brown rice and kale with little to no results on her wide belly made her frustrated. She missed greasy, sugary, carb heavy foods and the pleasurable feelings that came with gorging on them.

'One weekend wouldn't hurt,' she thought to herself, and agreed to let Daniel guide her through three days of blissful gluttony (he had insisted they begin Friday night).

Daniel arrived that evening carrying a cardboard box filled with food. He laid out three aluminum foil pans in front of Barb on her kitchen table.

"I made you bacon macaroni and cheese, boneless BBQ wings with bleu cheese dip, and triple chocolate brownies for dessert. I also brought root beer and ice cream so you can wash everything down with floats."

Barb looked at the spread in total shock. "Is all this for me?"

"Of course," he said, getting a large spoon from a drawer. "You have to make up for a whole month without delicious food. I hope you're hungry."


The tray of mac and cheese went faster than Barb would have expected. With Daniel bringing the food to her lips, all she had to do was sit back, chew, and swallow. She didn't even have to lift an arm.

'I could get used to this,' she thought. The heaps of warm, greasy cheesiness settled nicely in her belly, but she was nowhere near full. She licked her lips.

"Can I get a drink?"

"Of course." He gave her a kiss on the cheek as he went to prepare not one but three rootbeer floats. He held a massive cup close enough for her to suck the soda and ice cream through a straw. Next was the tray of chicken, each bite smothered in rich bleu cheese dressing, then another float made of a pint of ice cream. At that point Barb's sweat pants were so tight that her stomach fat was split into two blubbery rolls. She struggled to lower them so her belly flopped over the waistband and spilled into her lap. She groaned softly. A sheen of sweat had formed on her flabby face. If her eyes weren't closed she would have seen Daniel observing her discomfort with a sadistic gleam in his eye.

"What's wrong? I thought someone with a piggy appetite like yours could handle this little bit of food." He patted the apex of her belly and it wobbled like jello; still lots of room in there.

"So full," she grunted. Barb was breathing hard, as if she had been exercising. It delighted Daniel to see his tubby porker look so pathetic and out of shape.

"Let's get you somewhere more comfortable." Daniel slowly helped her up and out of the kitchen over to the couch. It creaked loud when Barb plopped down on it. She let out a hearty belch. "That's a good girl. Now just relax and work on digesting that food. I'm going to go clean up the kitchen. Here," he placed the tray of brownies on top of her stomach, "I'll leave these here just in case you get hungry." With that, he departed to the next room.

Daniel counted in his head as he slowly wiped down the table. '12... 13... 14... 15...'

There was the sound of grunting, panting and greedy chewing. He grinned. It only took 15 seconds for his fatty to start stuffing herself again. Her self control was already long gone. She was practically oinking as she scarfed down thousands upon thousands of extra calories. Excellent. Everything was going according to his plan. Barb thought she was going to be a gluttonous pig for just a couple of days, but Daniel knew that by the time he was done with her she was going to be a pig for life -- his pig.
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I love this!
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I am really loving the story! I Hope there will be a Chapter 2! :-)