hot fudge cake

Chapter 1 - bringing dessert to bedside

My belly growls greedily. "I need to eat. Please feed me." This does not surprise you even though all I have done for the last two hours is eat. You have just led me to bed from the dinner table, and you have brought dessert along. Dazed and exhausted, I lie down on my back, propped up on the pillows.

"Oh yes," you say, your lips kissing softly upon my dome-shaped belly. "Your belly needs to grow."

"Whenever we are in bed, I get hungry - and horny," I say sleepily, as you thump my full belly like a farmer thumping a watermelon.

"Mmm, yes," you say. You stare at my rounded belly bulge. "You are so big already." You reach between my legs, up between my white fat soft thighs. You giggle at what you find there, your smooth hands exploring my life's joy.

"Oh, grunt, groan," I start moaning in pleasure at your touch. "Hungry . . . horny . . . horngry." I feel like I'm losing my mind, my head swirls with desire.

"You want this chocolate cake?" you say, pulling the cakebox onto the bed. "I made it just for you with my loving hands. You want it?" You smile and wink wickedly. Such a tease you are.

"Oh yes, you know I love chocolate. I'm addicted to it - and to you." I reach for the cake with my pudgy greedy fingers, but you pull it out of my reach. I feel myself salivating, drool dripping onto your olive skin as I try to sit up. You push me back against the pillows.

You start to stuff my mouth, and my cheeks bulge with delicious fattening dark moist cake.

"I have some warm chocolate fudge sauce here as well, and some whipped cream and cherries for the cake," you say, but I can barely hear the words. I glance at the nightstand, the jar of maraschino cherries so bright red in a huge jar, a half-gallon pot of fudge warming over the candles, cans of whipped cream ready for your slender finger to shoot their goodness into me.

I suddenly feel embarrassed, ashamed and even afraid of my own gluttony. "Please, please, just one piece for now," I mumble through the crumbs. "I've already eaten so much tonight. Mmmph, not - gulp - so much. I'll get fat."

"Here's a news bulletin for you, Tubby." You pause, smiling slyly with a twinkle in your eye. "You are already fat, and you're gonna get fatter, you silly greedy hog."

I now find myself unable to stop eating. You stuff me as I feel my eyes pop out in horror. Between bites, I try to speak. "Please. No more! I don't want - swallow - fatter. Just one piece of cake, that's all I - gulp, swallow - wanted. Mmmmphhhhh!"

You chuckle at my discomfort as you continue to stuff my mouth full. My chubby cheeks are so stretched, the corners of my lips hurt, my mouth so full, almost to the point of choking me, and I'm breathing with difficulty now through my nose.

You cram the last piece of cake in and laugh at my condition, prodding my belly with your fists.

With what little strength and willpower I have left, I pull my hands up and push you away weakly. You groan a little and laugh again, taunting me. "Fatty, fatty, two by four, can't get through the bedroom door." I force myself up and on top of you. I feel you relax, as you allow me to overpower you.

Even though I am tired and weak, I push you back on the bed, using my weight to topple you back upon the pillows. I climb on top, spreading your legs with my fat belly.

"You want me?" you ask, moaning a little.

"Yes, yes, I want you... and I will have you." Kissing you wildly around your neck, then down to your soft breasts, sucking upon them and licking them lovingly.

I push my weight down upon you hard, my flab enveloping you. "Ohhhh, you want me... I love this, all your heaviness on me, all the fat you've gained," you say. "Mmm," you moan as I keep sucking and licking your breasts like a gluttonous child with two ice cream cones, going from one to the other, then back again.

My tongue presses upon you, my lips enclose your nipple and I suckle upon you, for just a moment, then slowly lick on down to your belly button, dipping my tongue in there to explore its sweet savory flavor. I feel you moan again, the moan vibrating through your firm abdominal muscles from somewhere deep inside you.

I reach my hands beneath your waist and pull my face into your tight waistline, and I kiss and lick you all over. "Mmmm, you taste mmmm like chocolate, so sweet."

My tongue traces your fine golden hairs down to your small mound of Venus, so soft and sweet- smelling, like baby powder. "Mmmmm," I moan, feeling like I am tasting your beauty with my tongue. My face sinks into the hollow between your pelvic bones before licking downward.

I reach my hands onto the sides of your slender hips and pull my face up between your beautiful toned legs, so dark and smooth. With my lips, I nibble lightly at your soft inner thighs, the only small soft place on your muscular body, licking hungrily with my loving lustful tongue.

Again, I feel a moan rising from deep inside you.

You feel my nose, my chin and my sticky cake-covered round cheeks pushing against your thighs, up into the creases where they meet - "Mmmmm." - into your sweetest of sweet spots. You feel my double chin wobbling against your inner thighs.

My nose pushes into your velvety vaginal lips, softly pushing its way up, up, up, as my tongue licks your sweetest of lips, and my own lips chew softly upon them. "Mmmm, you taste good, hon, like the sweetest thing I've ever put in my mouth."

I can almost feel you blush and smile. "You're wonderful," I hear you say.

I suck upon your vaginal folds, licking into each crevice for your sweet juices, for your wonderful hot tastes. You are so delicious, a delight for the senses, the taste, the smell and feel of you nearly overwhelming me.

But not quite.

I reach toward the nightstand. With a small dipper, I dribble warmed fudge sauce between your legs and pour it into you. "You know I can't resist chocolate." I raise myself, looking you in the eye as I lick my lips dramatically.

"You're a chocoholic," you mutter, lost in the pleasures to come. "You can't help yourself."

I glance into you as if I am starving, then start to lick between your legs, going into every crease and fold with my tongue and lips, sucking, nibbling softly.

I feel you start to move in motion with my tongue.

"You taste like sex and chocolate," I whisper into your love grotto, and my tongue follows my words, expertly licking the chocolate into my mouth, my lips joining and sucking upon your lovely, lovely softness.

My tongue moves in and out of you, pulling your juices and the chocolate sauce into me. I swallow repeatedly, enjoying the warmth of your love juices and the sweetness of your body and the dark flavor of chocolate.

I feel heat rising from you, and you are nearly still now, but I feel you inside, vibrating, moving wildly.

I use my hands to hold onto the sides of your hips again, as I guide my face, my mouth, my tongue and lips onto you, into you... "Mmmmm," I moan, filling myself with your deliciousness.

I pull my mouth up against your vagina, till it encloses it all, the lips and all that soft silkiness inside, and my tongue thrusts in and out, swirling round and round in rhythms of wildness, going faster and faster, then slowing as your climax builds. Then, I nearly stop, then start building the intensity again.

Your body heats up, and the taste on my tongue changes, something more savory, more sensuous.
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