hotel fate

chapter 1


Savina Willows was 24 yrs. Old & working as a fashion consultant for her Aunt,Edwina Willows,CEO of Willows Beauty International.She lived with her Aunt since her parents died when she was 15.She’d started working for her Aunt when she turned 16,doing various things around the Company home office.
Her Aunt & her parents were true opposites.Where they let Savina be a free spirit with few rules or restrictions,Edwina was very strict about how she thought Savina should act & look.Edwina was tall & slim,with just enough curves to show she was a woman.She expected Savina to lookthe same.Wdwina was also a fatphobe!To her anyone who was fat was a disgrace to the human race & unfit to wear or use any clothes or products created by “Her” company!Actually it was “her” company in name only.Once Savina turned 25 it was her’s because of her father’s will!
Henry D.Willows had started Willows Beauty many years ago as a small local business.As his creative talents became known the business grew to what it was today.During that time Hank(as those close to him called him) met a young baker who was alsopersuing her chosen career.Elizabeth”Betty” Shultz was very talented in her craft.Hank visited her shop daily.She would get Hank to try her new recipes.He would show her new design ideas he had.Betty loved them but said they weren’t for her because of her size!Hank told her his products were for everyone no matter shape or size.
The more they met & talked,the more they fell in love!Finally they were married & both their business grew.Eventually their love produced what they considered their Greatest Creation,Their Sweet Savina!Edwina didn’t approve of her brother’s marriage.To her Betty was just a Fat Cow distracting Henry from what was truly important,the business!
After the accident,the reading of the will made Edwina the temporary CEO & made her Guardian of Savina until she turned 25 & received her inheritance.Edwina had her own idea on how the company should be run.She sent a notice to ALL employees that they needed to fit the vision of the company & that meant fatties had 3 choices,get in shape,quit or get fired!She also put Savina on a diet to make her into “her” image of a successful woman.Edwina also discontinued all plus sized items.”Fatties don’t deserve our quality of product!”Of course all the changes didn’t make employees or customers happy but Edwina didn’t care!SHE was in charge!she “KNEW” the important people would buy her products!
One day Edwina received an email about a fashionshow the following month with the request she send,models,clothes & a consultant to help with things.”this is short notice but we can’t afford to miss any opportunity to show our products!”At th bottom of the email was the address of a place called Hotel Fate,followed by the words”We look forward to helping you expand.”Edwina thought the choice of words a little strange.”They must have forgot the word business!”Since the address was just a few hours away,Edwina decided she could send Savina as the consultant.Then if she had any major problems someone could be sent to help her without having to pay for major transportation.
A couple days before the event,Edwina was going over things with Savina.”Make sure you pack everything you need!The models & clothes have already been sent ahead.If you run into troublecall!Someone can be there in a few hours!I already have backup on standby!You know where you’re going?DON’T lose the directions!”
“Yes Aunt Edwina,I understand everything & am fully prepared.”Savina couldn’t wait to go to the event!It would be the 1st time she was actually away from her Aunt since she graduated high school.She’d even made her take a 2 year business course online so she could keep an eye on her.She didn’t want her getting fat or letting boys distract her from her studies!So she did the online courses at home after her work at the office.
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Just_Jess_81 2 years
Mama always knows best ;p

Amazing story, as always.
HappyBigBelly 2 years
Savina has sure enjoyed herself in this one :-)
Theswordsman 2 years
Love it