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Chapter 1 - warm welcome

Amanda arrived at the hotel. It was a grand hotel, it was big and shiny and glamorous. She walked in and went to the counter and saw a handsome man in a suit.

“Hello ma’am, How can I help you today?” He said with a charming smile that made Amanda’s heart melt.

“Uh I won a trip here?”

“Oh Amanda north! I should’ve known with those beautiful features.Im your humble assistant Micheal.” He said, he sounded charming and made Amanda blush.

“Follow me miss north.” He said walking up with great posture to the doors and opened them gesturing her to go first.

When they arrived to her room Amanda gasped. The bed as huge and thick, the bad tub was huge and so was the rest room. It felt weird though, everything was huge..but she payed no mind.

“You must be vanished after all that travailing, would you care for dinner?”
He asked.

“I could eat!” She said walking to him.

“Follow me.” They walked out together in the hallway.

“Why is it so empty?”

“Well this is so exclusive only the most perfect people can get in.” He explained.

She felt honoured but she felt uncomfortable.... but she ignored it again.

When they arrived at the dining room there was a huge feast just for her.
He pulled seat for her and she sat down. He placed a napkin on her neck.
He brought out a huge plate of food. Amanda thought she coundt eat it all but tried anyways, but the more she ate the more she got hungry. She kicked more food from the feast and ate and got hungry again she tried to stop herself but she coudnt it was like she was under a spell or something....

After she was done she helped her stomach in pain. Her stomach was red.

“Would you like me to help?” He said.
Amanda paused.

“What do you mean help?”

1 hour time skip, Amanda was in her bed with her top up, as mechael applies body oil on his hands and rubbed her swollen stomach. Her stomach started to go down but sagged a little.

“See you in 1 hour for dinner.” He said walking out of the room.

Amanda was confused. Didn’t she just have dinner? She was still a bit hungry but she looked and her stomach. It looked like it was 2 pounds heavier then when she arrived. She thought that she’d try to control herself next time.


“Sir, this may take longer then expected...”

“It’s fine. Gain the trust and seduce that girl then we will go on to faze 2 in 3 days.”

“But sir-“

“Just do it.”


“Dinner time” he said putting his hand out to help her up.

“Thank you.”

When they arrived to the dinner hall, it looked bigger then her last one. He did the same as last time and Amanda did the same thing again but only this time she felt it was more fattier then the last time.
When she was done her stomach stretched a little bit out and Micheal did the same thing to her tummy again.

This repeated for a long 2 days. Micheal would take her for walks around the hotel too.


“It’s time, bring her down to faze 2”


During dinner she got served soup.

“Eat up now.”

“Actually Micheal I’m not that Hungry... can I eat it later?” She asked

“Eat it now or it will get cold and we...”
She knew what he was suggesting so she took 2 spoon fulls and started to feel dizzy and fell to the floor.

“Wakey wakey” Micheal said.
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Karenjenk 3 years
Yay! I get to say something first.
Ok. I absolutely love the premise of this story and it was easy to read and understand.
I wish the gains were a little slower.
You ended this like there will be more to follow. I really hope so.
I like it