how big i got

chapter 1

I got a phone call for an interview for a position as a director at a group home. This was not my first choice of a line of work, but I thought I would at least go for the interview and see what they wanted of me.

I arrived at the address I was given, went up the walk and rang the bell. A pretty young woman answered the door. I was struck that she was very pregnant and only wearing a robe. She said, “you must be the new one”. I asked what she meant, she said, “the new director”. ” Well, I am here for the interview anyway”, I said. “They didn’t tell me, what kind of a group home is this anyway”? She giggled,” it is a home for unwed pregnant women”. I couldn’t believe my ears, why would they want a guy to be the director of a house for pregnant single women. Just then a women’s voice called out, “Cindy is that Mr. Fox”? “ yes it is Mrs. Williams”, Cindy answered. “Show him into the office please.”

I was shown into the office by Cindy, Mrs. Williams got up and greeted me as Cindy left. She explained during the interview how they had had a succession of directors, all of them women, who could not put up with the girls, really young women, no one was under 19. She said that most left do to weight gain or frustration with dealing with the girls. I asked what they expected a man to do, that a women could not do in this situation. She said that a man is not as sensitive as women and she felt that the girls needed a good male role model, since nearly all of them had been abandoned by the father’s of their unborn babies.

The salary was generous and the directors apartment was far better than my present accommodations. I agreed to take the job and start immediately. I picked my things at the apartment I was staying in with a friend and moved into the director’s apartment.

Mrs. Williams bid me good luck and quickly left. I started to look around the facility, it was a spacious house, with a swimming pool, large public areas and a commercial kitchen. I met the cook, large round women named Hilda. She said I would love the girls, they were all so sweet. I asked her about the former directors, why they all left. Hilda said the girls did not like them and they said the girls made them eat too much. “How could the girls make them eat to much” I asked. She said the pregnant girls eat a lot and have cravings for lots of different foods. The former directors seem to get caught up in the eating. The last one gained forty pounds in two months, Hilda told me she looked pregnant when she quit.
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Fanedfox 2 years
This is one of the first stories I wrote. I hope you enjoy it.