how i gained a bit too much

Chapter 1: introducing myself

Hi my name is Faith. I’m an 18 yo girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. I’m only 5’2 and I wouldn’t say i’m very skinny but nothing close to what i’m about to become. It all started when i was dating my now ex. I weighed about 125 lbs with most of my weight settling in my thighs and butt. When we started dating it wasn’t until long after when my ex started to show some habits. It began with just telling me to enjoy food and giving me big servings but the servings kept getting bigger and more often. After only a month of dating i noticed i had gained weight, mostly in my thighs but it was definitely noticeable. When i told my ex about how i suddenly gained weight even though i ate healthy and was actively sporting. In reality i ate the portions of the overage body builder and i had been canceling sports more and more due to spending time with my ex. That’s when he told me about his thing for chubby girls. I was quite shocked at first but when i started researching it i noticed i was kind of into it too. Quickly after that we started actually trying to get me to gain. We would go to drive-throughs and stuff me silly till i really couldn’t anymore. This went on for month when after 4 months i decided to step on the scale. When it showed the numbers i was shocked. 174.165 lbs, i gained almost 50 lbs in only 4 months. This wasn’t that weird because my body wasn’t used to eating this much at all so it completely destroyed my metabolism and the pounds started to pack on really fast. Sadly a few weeks later we broke up. Somewhere our connection had just lost its spark. Due to stress and 2 months of continuously studying for school i started to lose the weight. I never got back at my really skinny self but stayed on a reasonable 140 lbs. I forgot about all the weight gaining and started to focus on school when suddenly ff showed up in my browse history. I had forgotten about the site but it definitely triggered me enough to check it out again.It started with reading the stories and just a little bit of interest but turned in to filling my mind with thoughts about gaining again. Not long after i got some messages from people and i started responding. I mean what could go wrong. I mostly just skipped through them because they didn’t seem interesting enough or to be a little bit cocky, i was a bit out of their league. What can i say i’m an attractive women, i shouldn’t just settle for the first person available. While replying to some guys i agreed on chatting with someone on a different app. We would be more able to talk to eachother that way. I went off pretty easily and started talking about feedism. He saw through me when i was a bit shy at first but he knew that i was destined to gain. The reading and the questions filling my head had already led to me putting on some weight “just to try it again”. At this point i was a steady 150 lbs with thick thighs a full butt and a slight belly. my belly didn’t really stood out till i sat down which caused it to bulge out and slightly hang over my pyjama shorts. This guy had me convinced to turn into a greedy piggy within just 2 hours of talking. With him encouraging me i started to stuff my face till sitting straight up was hard. Within 48 hours i went from a little extra snacking to chugging a liter of cream containing atleast 3000 calories. This combined with the pizza and snacks i had early resulted in my belly being blown up. My belly now resting on my thighs unable to bend forward due to the fullness of it. As if this wasn’t humiliating enough the guy i was texting dared me to try on some old clothes. Would they fit after being such a piggy or was it already time to buy myself some new pants?

first time writing:) comment if you want me to continue the story and give me some tips!!
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