how to ruin her

chapter 1

“You’re going to make me gain how much???” Amber’s cries only seemed to get worse after I told her the number.

“Approximately 500 pounds.”

Amber was a popular plus sized tiktok influencer, who weighed in around 230 pounds on a 5’5 body. She had a large ass, thick thighs, a slight belly and small breasts. Atop all that she had fat arms and blue eyes with a pale face and blonde hair. She was beautiful, and my only intention was to completely and utterly destroy her body with pure, heavy lard. Her arteries will be clogged, her heart will struggle to pump, and she will be ruined.

6 months in captivity
Weight: 294 pounds

Amber hasn’t taken well to her situation. Despite using accelerated measures to gain, 64 pounds in 6 months is slow compared to previous pigs. Her stress is what seems to be keeping her body from gaining, so to counteract this she will be mostly sedated at all times.

12 months in captivity
Weight: 377 pounds

We have found success, as an 80+ gain in another 6 months is more than enough. Her health has declined greatly, her muscles have atrophied into dust, and her will seems to be broken. She craves my attention now, and I intend to use this to my advantage.

18 months in captivity
Weight: 458 pounds

Amber has fully given in to the Stockholm syndrome. She always cries for me, always tries to touch me when I help her out of bed. She is perpetually horny now, being denied any release for almost 2 years. I’ll wait for the perfect moment to appease her, but for now I’m continuing with her standard gain. She has been weaned off of solid food for a few months now, taking only the slop I’ve created from combining ice cream, butter, heavy cream, and more similar items. Her vitals are doing awful, she has high cholesterol now along with low blood pressure. She’s at risk of injuring herself every time she walks due to her bones and muscles becoming weak and brittle from no movement. We are only 228 pounds out of 500, and I’m wondering if I’ve pushed her too hard.

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