how to train your girlfriend

  By D99

Chapter 1: Eat Up Like a Good Girl

Ughh. Anna’s belly was too damn stuffed. This was a common occurrence lately. Anna’s girlfriend Katie had recently told her about her attraction to girls with big, stuffed, chubby bellies. Anna didn’t really see the appeal, but when she’d stuffed herself to get a ride out of Katie that night at dinner, she had seen a side of her she never knew Katie had. That night, Anna’s bloated belly had sent Katie up to a new level of arousal, and she’d ordered Anna to lay on their couch while she stuffed her even fuller. Anna didn’t much care for the painfully bloated belly she got from it, but watching Katie get all hot and bothered so quickly had made it more than worth it. Anna could still hear Katie’s voice saying “that’s right, eat up like a good girl” like she had when she’d stuffed her. From that day on they’d enjoyed more and more frequent stuffing sessions, where Katie would hold Anna down and force her belly full of food, talking about how sexy her body and her belly were, and how good of a girl she was. Katie’s words and lustfulness would turn Anna on immensely, but Katie wouldn’t let either of them have relief until Anna finished eating whatever Katie put in front of her.
These stuffings were starting to affect Anna. She’d gained five pounds in the past two weeks. She didn’t want to eat so much very often, as she didn’t want to gain any more weight, but she could see Katie checking out the slight increase in pudge on her belly, and when Katie started talking in that sexy voice of hers, sometimes Anna just couldn’t stop herself from submitting to her lithe, sexy girlfriend and getting stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey. Sometimes Anna could muster the willpower to say no to Katie, and other times Katie’s wiles wouldn’t allow her to resist. If this went on, Anna was only going to gain more weight, but Katie’s sexual rewards were too much tempting to refuse.
As time went on, Anna was slowly losing the ability to say no. Seeing Katie dominant and so worked up over her was becoming a necessity to Anna rather than a rare pleasure.
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Ricamami 7 months
sooo hot. please more
XxSecretFatB... 7 months
Omg this is the ultimate goal
Maxfreeman 7 months
Very well written and erotic as hell. Please write more.
Fantasyfeede... 8 months
"Everything was too sexually loaded for her to think straight" As if any of our wlw thouts, ever ,was straight.
FTMfatty 8 months
Please continue ^^