how was i to know 4

chapter 4

I did not know what time it was when I woke up, but lying there looking around I realized it was dark and Kristy was still sleeping. When I carefully rolled over her way, I could see her laying on her back, nightie pulled up under her breasts. My God she is beautiful!

Thoughts of how things had changed in the last two days spun through my head, and an idea occurred to me that was too good to let go. It did require I get up, and as carefully and quietly as I could, I got out of bed.

Standing beside the bed, I felt different ... puffy was the word, I felt puffy. Feeling my body, I don't know that I was bigger, but for sure I felt softer. Standing there though, it became clear why I woke up ... I needed a bathroom break, immediately! I carefully and quietly worked my way to the bathroom and relief.

The idea would not let me go, so from the bathroom I snuck quietly to the bed and rearranged the handcuffs Kristy has used on me. Carefully and gently I cuffed Kristy without waking her, then left the bedroom for the kitchen.

It did not take me long to find the funnel on the drainboard by the sink, the two gallons of the shake already mixed in the fridge, or the what appeared to be the better part of a case of heavy cream in the fridge.

Carrying both gallons of shake, the funnel, and a glass, I quietly snuck back into the bedroom, placed the funnel and the glass on Kristy's nightstand, and the gallons on the floor beside it. Gently and carefully I started to shorten the ropes tied to the handcuffs so they truly did restrain Kristy. She fidgeted a bit, but being nearly as hard a sleeper as I am, she did not wake.

With a smile on my face, I traced my finger around the nipple of Kristy's left breast and it began to stiffen almost immediately. Following that light kisses starting from her belly just below the rolled up nightie moving down toward that lovely blonde patch of fur between her legs. By the time my lips made it to her chubby thighs she was waking and making her first, attempt to move.

Her eyes were open, and she returned my good morning kiss with heat. I smiled at her and she said "I seem to be restrained this morning, my plan was for YOU to be restrained you know." I replied "I suspected as much, but this is going to be fun too." " I have a game for you to play."

Kristy chuckled and said "So tell me about this game, Jeff." She squirmed a bit as I traced my finger around that furry patch and began to tell her about it. "You will like it, you have total control over how much shake I drink." She inhaled in reaction to my finger, then said "Well, I like that" I continued, "You see, I will put the funnel in your mouth, pour a glass of shake and pour it in, when you finish it, I will pour myself a glass of shake and drink it. As long as you keep drinking, I keep drinking" I grinned, moved my finger down between her lovely fat thighs and continued, "You have total control"
She squirmed some more, clearly aroused, and said "Baby, no fair! I won't be able to drink enough to get you properly stuffed!" To that I laughed, removing my finger and reaching for the funnel. "Baby, you shouldn't sell yourself short ... you never know how much you might pack in!"

Her response was cut off by my putting the funnel in her mouth. She made quite a picture with that funnel in her mouth and her twinkling blue eyes above it. I filled the glass and began pouring it into the funnel. Not quite all of it fit without making in spill. I held the glass in front of me and told Kristy "See how fair I am? It did not all fit, so I will help you out and drink the part that doesn't fit", and I drank the last inch or so in the glass. Then I refilled the glass and drank it down while she watched.

The second glass and third glass went much the same, after that Kristy drank hers more and more slowly. It was little scary when I realized that although she was slowing down ... I was not so full and could pretty much still chug them down. Finally I poured a glass for the funnel, and it came up short. Kristy was so stuffed she looked like she could pop and had drowsy eyes. I bend over and kissed her exposed nipple, then put it in my mouth and lightly nipped it with my teeth. I heard the huff of her breath and straightened up to see her eyes wide open.

"Baby, look, the last of the shake in this glass. I could give it all to you, or split it with you ... but you would rather I drank it wouldn't you?" Her response was a slow nod, and I removed the funnel from her mouth and drank it down.
I bend down to kiss Kristy on the lips and then put my lips close to her ear. I whispered, "Baby, you know that I am going to change from just encouraging you, to feeding you now don't you?" Kristy paused as if to think, and whispered back "yes". Resuming whispering into her ear, "I know now you are going to feed me and make me fat. But you know I am going to make you fatter, and you want me to don't you?" I moved my hand down to her blonde bush and started tracing my finger around. Kristy suck in a quick shallow breath and said "yes".

I kept my hand and finger moving, tracing around, down the inside of her thighs even as she tried to spread them further. Looking at her, and feeling her, I knew she was getting aroused, as in truth I was too. I whispered "You want me to make you fatter. Baby, you want me to fatten you're skinny little 220 lb body over 300 lb don't you?" Kristy paused, and I started to move my finger in toward her clit. I whispered "You can't hide it you know, just the thought of it makes you wet doesn't?" Kristy responded with a whispered "yeesssss" I continued, stroking with my finger, enough to keep her wound up where she was, but not enough to cum, "In fact, telling you I might just fatten you over 400 lb turns you on more doesn't it Baby? Just like this, pouring you fuller every time, growing fatter and fatter, tell me you want it." Kristy's face was flushed now, and I pressed her "Ask me Baby, ask me to keep feeding you, ask me to make you round."
I sped up my finger a little and Kristy shuddered and said "yes", I slowed back down and whispered more forcefully "Beg me Kristy, beg me to feed you huge." I sped up just a little and she responded quickly "Oh God, Please Jeff, feed me, stuff me, make me huge" And I responded by finishing the job and bringing her to a shuddering climax.

She lay there, stuffed, exhausted, and silent, as I removed the handcuffs and kissed her. I climbed back in bed beside her and started to gently rub her tight round belly. After a few minutes, Kristy tried to push, and wiggle into rolling over toward me without success and she asked me to help her. She tried again and I reached around her and helped pull her into rolling onto her side facing me. That sexy belly that tended to sag toward the mattress usually, was not sagging now! She reached her arm to me gently pulled my head toward her and a long soft kiss that curled my toes. That kiss was followed by several more, such that I had my erection back, which her glance told me she well knew. After a few minutes of this, she spoke, "Jeff, I love that you did all of the things I did to you, to me. I guess I am like you in that I did not know how much I wanted it, until you did it."

I said "I wanted it, and wanted you to. I meant it too, you are going to get fed fat you know. Those sexy thighs of yours are going to be full, jiggly, and make you waddle. Those curvy hips and luscious ass of yours are going to get wide and fat. You are going to have huge J cup breasts and a big fat belly to rest them on." Kristy smiled big, and said "Thank you, I want that so long as you like it".

She reached down to grab my erection and commented "I think this tells me that you DO like it, and that I need you to help me get into a position to put that were it belongs." I started helping her into position onto her knees, and as I got behind her, we tried something else new and wonderful!
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