human marshmallow

chapter 1 the addiction

When it came to after mealtime treats Bonnie was always a sweets person over a chocolate one. She loved all sorts of sweets from Haribo to jellybeans, milk bottles to wine gums and so many more. However there was one type of sweet she craved more than any other: The marshmallow. Bonnie loved nothing more than putting a marshmallow on her tongue and watching it melt into her mouth. It was like taking a drug to forget about all her pain and suffering. As most people know however drugs can be very addictive and difficult to break free of and it wasn’t long before Bonnie was consumed by her love for marshmallows.

Now that she was in her mid 20’s and able to do what she wanted more the love for marshmallows had already had an impact on Bonnie’s waistline. She’d eaten so many of them along with other unhealthy food that she now had a pretty thick plus-size figure spearheaded by her round potbelly. Bonnie knew that the more she ate the bigger she got but she didn’t mind this at all. She’d rather be happy by being herself instead of living in a way that was forced upon her. She was very happy within herself but there was something that she wanted to experience to make her life complete: Bonnie was already surprised that she hadn’t turned into a marshmallow herself such was the volume that she consumed them with but she had started to wonder what it would be like to be one. She often got turned on at the thought of being a soft and squishy blob of giant marshmallow but she knew that it would remain a fantasy at best, or so she thought....

One night Bonnie was sitting at home watching late night TV. As usual she had a couple of large bags of marshmallows littering her sofa. Bonnie preferred to have bags containing 20-30 huge marshmallows rather than 100 small ones you could use for hot chocolate because they were more filling. She was just about to drift off to sleep when her attention was caught by a bright pink screen on the TV which seemed to be a sweets commercial. “Do you have a love for the marshmallow confectionery? The voice said from the telly, Bonnie’s eyes lit up and as if she was communicating directly replied “oh yes I’m addicted”. “Well come on down to the new marshmallow factory now open in London and experience how we make them” the TV commercial explained. Bonnie discovered that this factory wasn’t too far away from where she lived and she had a free day tomorrow so that was her activity for the day sorted. Switching off the TV Bonnie climbed into bed excited for the day ahead....
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