humiliating the piggy

chapter 1

This is my first story and it took a lot of me talking myself up to doing this, so please leave feedback, any and all is appreciated. Any suggestions for future chapters is also very much encouraged, and I hope you all enjoy, if this does well I might add more sooner rather than later. Enjoy!!

It all began in junior high. Then was where David first discovered his love and absolute fascination with weight in general. It was just breast and butt expansion at first, but then came belly expansions, and then he stumbled upon weight gain stories and sequences online. After that he spent hours and hours reading different stories and finding new weight gain sequences to satisfy his fetish. And things had stayed this way for a while. David was into women gaining weight and ranging anywhere between a BBW and SSBBW.

David of course would have loved to have been with a bigger girl himself, but despite being overweight at 160 lbs, chubby for his 5'3 height, during his years in junior high, he became very skinny during his freshman year due to a combination of eating less, working out a bit, and hitting a growth spurt to help take his body from a chubby tween to a lanky teen at 145 lbs on his 5'8 body. This killed his chances as he knew he wouldn't be able to bring home a big girl with him the way he was without his brothers making a scene. David's two older brothers Josh and Michael were also skinny and had only ever been with skinny women. Growing up, David had to fake being interested in the sticks his brothers would point out as somebody "hot". So all throughout high school David was either alone or with skinny girls, never really interested in them, but playing along to what was expected of him by society.

Once senior year arrived David was ecstatic. After he left his home town and went to college he'd be able to be with whoever without anyone from back home knowing! It was perfect. However, David's third and final brother Nick decided to go to college with him and leave his second year at the local community college, much to David's utter annoyance. It was during those first few weeks within his senior year however that David found something new he enjoyed: gaining himself. The idea at first confused David as he had always worked to stay somewhat skinnier ever since being teased by his family for being overweight before, but the more he had looked at male weight gain stories the more aroused he became. Soon David was wrapped up in his own fantasies of being fattened along with a skinny girl he could fatten alongside him, although the idea of a male partner occasionally crossed his mind every once in a while. Despite these desires to grow and gain so much fat and blubber, David held back his urges and kept strictly to pleasuring himself to the ideas only, at least while high school lasted. After that, and despite his brother's interruption, David would be able to at least gain a little bit of weight and explain it as a combination of stress and the well-known freshman fifteen.

So that summer, right before his first year of college where'd he finally be away from MOST of his family, David got a job at a pizza place that also served subs and had donuts and other pastry items for the mornings. On his first day David was told the rules and regulations by the manager. Most were simple and obvious; no phones while working, no cursing, and show up to work, so no drama. This all was easy for David as he was there to make money, that was it, plus the job came with a couple perks like unlimited drinks from the soda fountain and any "stale" food was ours for free, but only the pizzas or anything left in the warmers, which meant no pastries. This was a disappointment to David slightly as he had hoped to get his hands on some of them but he wasn't about to risk his job for a couple donuts.

Things with his job went pretty smoothly, he kept to himself and was polite with both customers and coworkers. Over the course of his time there however, David had noticed he'd gained a little bit of weight which both excited and aroused him. Countless nights following this gain David would spend pleasuring himself and snacking away during the moments his family wasn't home, which although rare were well worth the wait in his eyes as he soaked in every moment of feeling like a pig and a slob. His time working among his coworkers who had been there longer and knew the ways to get around rules hadn't been any help on his waistline either. He had learned how to sneak stacks of food from the warmers into blind spots the cameras couldn't see. Every day David worked he'd eat anywhere from three to five slices of overly greasy pizza all the while slurping down endless cups of soda and eating the occasional sandwich he'd make for himself at the end of his shifts. On daring nights, which became more and more frequent as his time working came to a close, he'd eat up to seven slices of pizza, wash it down with soda, make himself a large, topping-heavy, mayo slathered sandwich, and finish off his night by taking the pastry trays into the back where the cameras couldn't see before grabbing all the remaining donuts. David, with an ever growing erection, would then stuff his fat face with as many donuts as he could while hiding in the back kitchen freezer. This often ended with David feeling extremely aroused and horny, with him giving in one night and, as quickly as he could manage from both fear of being caught, but also from his desire to stuff his growing gut as fast as possible, pulled his pants down to his knees and jerked off in the freezer all while eating donuts and relishing in his fattening experience. Shortly after beginning to stroke his cock he came hard and finished off the donuts while rubbing his distended gut and thinking of how badly he wanted to give in and grow fat, but that voice was merely one in the back of his head, drowned out by his want to escape ridicule from his family and to stay thin like he felt was best for him, at least for now.

As summer had come to a close David had gained only a little bit of weight, maxing out at 165 lbs on his 5'10 frame. David knew the weight would slowly go away as time went on and his metabolism did it's work. He was okay with this as while he'd wanted to gain weight, he was still apprehensive about the whole idea and was willing to go only so far. During his final days of work, as well as the final days of the summer, David had focused on working out and dieting, completely giving up on his wants and desires, much to his disappointment, particularly in himself. He had dropped back down to 150 lbs within a short period of time as he knew his metabolism was high as well as his dieting and exercise. So when the time to leave for college had arrived, David was back to being lanky. His attraction to large women still remained however, and was now stronger than ever with him fantasizing about finding the perfect woman to tease and fatten like a pig.

When he and his brother, Nick, had arrived at college and unpacked, they were invited out to meet the rest of the floor. There David spotted one of, if not the, most gorgeous woman he'd ever seen. She was fat. Just fat would be an unstatement; she was huge. She had massive breasts which she chose to be unmodest about, as well as a very large and noticeable stomach. It stuck out just further than her bosom and rested soundly on her lap. She had chosen to sit, unlike the rest of the floor who had opted to stand for introductions, and when it came time for her to introduce herself she confusedly fumbled around for an answer to the question asked before adding her name afterwards: Grace. Grace was exactly the kind of woman David wanted; large, either ignorant to or proud of it, and seemingly not too intelligent. She would be his plaything for him to tease and show off and parade around, the only problem being his brother. He opted to try and keep any potential relationship with her secret in order to avoid any problem that could arise with his brother. So following introductions and floor rules, David went back to his room with his brother for a while before deciding to visit Grace. He walked his way down the hallway and knocked on her door and as she opened it David could see countless wrappers and other food items behind her, this making his cock harden just enough for Grace to take notice. She invited him in, which he graciously accepted and offered him a place to sit beneath her as she slowly and with a struggle climbed her way up onto her bed, with David catching an amazing view of her massive ass in the large, but still tight shorts, her thighs jiggling with each movement. Grace had again noticed David checking her out but played dumb, if not giving him more to see. This worked as David was now fully erect and unable to hide it, and as he went to leave in shame, Grace told him to stay and climb up with her. Once up they chatted more, about majors, classes, and anything that came to mind. Grace and David then decided to go and get food from the dining hall, with Grace stuffing herself in front of a now agonizingly aroused David as he also ate a decent amount without noticing. Grace then invited David back upstairs to her room where she held him in close and as they were only inches from each other David went in for an embrace before Grace stopped him just short of a kiss by putting a cookie up to his lips before whispering in his ear all the things she wanted as he slowly ate cookie after cookie and fattening food after fattening food, all the while being completely hypnotized by the bigger woman's charm. He stumbled back to his room, stuffed, tired, and still incredibly horny as they hadn't done anything but talk and get intimate enough to keep David wanting. As he fall asleep, Nick already asleep in his own bed, David could only look forward to what he believed was his way of eventually taming Grace for himself.

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Bbman30 2 years
To answer your question, I think Grace should start to lose weight. She’s focusing on David’s gain so it’s natural she’d lose it
Bbman30 2 years
This is great! I can’t wait for more
Daver58 2 years
A few more pounds for her will be great but a LOT more weight for him would be fantastic! :-)
I like it so far! :-)
Jason_Mathers 2 years
I am debating on having Grace lose weight and become more dominant AND stronger, or just having her maintain her weight and be dominant, or even having her gain too. Please let me know which you would prefer.
Fattenssbbws 3 years
Good job so far!
Bbman30 3 years
Grace is going to fatten him up! I like this
GrowingLoveH... 3 years
You’ve done a great job here so far. Interesting characters and conflicts.