chapter 1

Dr Vivian Wu knew a true pig when she saw them, and Kelly Winerich was just about the most disgusting pig she'd ever met. He didn't look like one yet, quite the opposite, but Dr Wu was determined to remedy that situation.

Aggressive, cocky and arrogant, Kelly was truly nothing else but the trophy husband to Carmella Becca, the world's most famous video game CEO. Carmella was a big woman in every sense. Her hips, belly and ass were just as big as her technical and financial contributions to her industry and the economy in general.

And what did Kelly bring to the table in their marriage, nothing but his ruggedly handsome good looks, and ripped physique. On camera and in public he was quite the charmer, always holding his wife's hand, smiling, giving her the googly eyes for the paparazzi. In a nutshell, Kelly was every woman's image of the perfect husband.

However, sitting before her in the office, away from the cameras and press, Dr Vivian Wu saw him for the greedy pig he truly was. Sure, it was obvious that this ginger haired beauty worked out and watched what he ate, but he was a nasty and arrogant pig, too lazy to work, to pathetic to make it on his own. Just a pretty boy with a billion dollar wife.

As the Dr went over their questionnaires, she could feel Kelly's wanton eyes searching her tight pink skirt up and down, and right in front of his wife. "What a fucking pig", she thought to herself before stumbling over s hidden gem in Carmella's answers. When asked what would you like to change in your husband's body type, she wrote: I want for him to know what it's like to be an Obese Woman.

The Dr didn't find that too surprising seeing how the executive had grown larger and larger over the years, and her husband seemed to be a real asshole about it in private, making comments like, "Come on Mel, just move your fat ass, this pretty young thing (referring to Vivian) doesnt have all day, while shooting her looks.

"Well, if that's what she wants, that'll be what she gets, a big fat feminine shaped piggy boy. Let's see if he's so cocky then", she thought while handing the couple their new suppliments.

Kelly was so enthralled by the tall and thin, yet voluptuous Dr Wu, that he barely noticed anything that she said except something about starting Mel on some new diet pill and something about him having high blood pressure, got his attention.

"You may feel a bit groggy, and in rare cases, some people have gained a bit of weight", said the doctor smiling broadly at the grinning Kelly who was more focused on her giant knockers than any words coming out of her mouth, "but you look like the type of guy that could just burn off any extra calories in the the gym right?", she asked while gently reaching over and touching his hand.

"Ummmmmm? Sure", replied Kelly, now more than a bit horny.

"But even if you do gain the odd 5 or ten pounds, you've gotta stay on this drug for at least six months. It'll clean out your clogged arteries and lower your blood pressure. A few extra pounds of extra beef on your beefcake might not look so bad, what do ya think?" questioned the doctor to Carmella?"

"Oh, that would be just fine", said the CEO with a wink to the doc and a squeeze of her hubbies still ripped abs.
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Kexickus 1 year
I like this story and hope that one day it'll be continued.
Blimpmaker 2 years
I love your stories. Sadly a few have left me hanging, It’s frustrating when you’re getting involved with characters and then no more to finish it. Humility is one.any chance you will add more chapter
Growingsofter 4 years
Glad you like. I'd love to write a story just for you. Message me or kik me at gaetano2733 if you want to fat chat or give me the details for your story.
FrecherTyp 4 years
a happy new year and thanks for another sexy Dr. Wu story smiley
Chris69 4 years
omg, where is the office of doctor wu, i have to go to here
Inthecourt 4 years
Interesting start