chapter 1

The Husband

Warning this story contains explcit content.

Her husand was never a thin person, but she met him during a weekend holidays and slowly they fell in love together.
His name was Ken; the only problem was that Kelly's mother really disaproved of him, crudely and constantly calling him a ***.

Look at him! She always said! He's a blimp. Why didn't you marry that nice boy Tim by the neighbour? And Kelly would say that Tim was a complete *** and that she didn't want anything to do with him.
She was quite skinny and always had been, five foot eight, 110 pounds and blonde, with cute little dimples and a cloying smile.

Next to her ,her husband Ken, people often confused Ken's sister Meg for her wife. When clarified, people often ogled at the odd couple. But soon they would no longer.
For you see Ken had quite a plan, she liked plump women, but she loved to fatten skinny ones more.

And now safely across the states in Montana, quite far away from the harpy that was Kelly's mother he could put his dastardly plan to action!
First he would lace up her food with all sort of fattening things. Pure uncured lard and melted fat, weight gain powder, appetite stimulants, hormones and other harmless medication whose side effects included putting on the pounds.
Then he, being the businessman, would set a company policy that included never ever ever commeting about other persons' weight. Kelly worked there not as her direct employee, but the policy would affect her nonetheless.

First day he thought with a sinister half smile hanging from his face, first day he said rubbign his hands and setting to make her first dinner.
Whistling as he worked he made the most discrete looking item of food he could think of.
But he stuffed this chicken with his special mix, quite the pervert he filled the mix with something else. Finally a special milkshake was made.
Kelly sat at the table looking at the food with hungry eyes, he had made sure to prevent her from eating that day, telling her the company was very serioius about punctuality.
Oh goodness she said, contemplating the chicken that her husband had laid for her. I cannot eat all this!
And her husband made this piddling eyes and crumpling up her kind heart she set about to eat.
And ate she did, gobblig up the delightful sauce inside, moaning as she did.

The hallucinogens, the addictive susbtances insdie the sauce had taken effect and Kelly was midly drugged but absolutely enjoying it.
Soon she was finished and asking for seconds.
Ken smiled and from under the table produced seconds and even thirds.
Kelly somewhat high didn't question this and only promised to herself to burn it up later.

She was aboslutely stuffed, but did not notice, so she started rubbing her stomach with one hand while pumping in the food with the ohter.
Her eyes completely red, dazed and lost Ken moved beside her.
She looked up at him and said. I am very hungry!
Ken ofeered to help. And grabbing the chicken he started to funnel the food into ehr mouth.

Oh my God she thought. This is heaven. The colours in the room were washing out and the woorld was wobbling with tremours. In her torpor she was in an island being fed by a diabolical goblin parts from a beached whale, all while the nasty creature jerkd himself off.
And this was not far fromt the truth except that it was her the one doing the jerking off. Quite insidisouly Ken had slided up her hand inside her paties and began to rub.

Kelly at first was takn aback was this and then immeditaly set with a furious joyous motion to rub her stomatch and her clit at the same time.
She even tried to put food it there, but Ken stopped her saying no no no and poiting to her mouth.
Ken was exhausted, utterly ehxausted from making suck huge meal, and Kelly.

She was asleep, with a distended and bloated ball of food sitting atop her, one hand inside of her puss.

Perfect he said.

And so he took her and carried her into her room. As it was a Thursday Kelly started Phase two.

He grabbed a funnel and connected a strange looking contraption, one that would pump her full of the mix and would stop in time for her to feel normal in the morning but stuffing her to the most.
Kelly then woke up. She felt really full and she remembered the nervious night as she only eating the best food of her entire life and then falling asleep. All thanks to the ruffies.

She then proceeded to take a shower, but there was something diffrent she thought puttign and hand under her boob.
Oh yes she said to herself, I must be on my period sooner that I thoguht. I fell really horney she said thinking of tanned men with Ken his husband on the center, ***ing her on the beach after their cruseship marooned them in Tahiti.

She masturbated and cleaned hersef up, but adding somethign new to her routine, soemthing learned: to rub her belly.

While she prepared herself for work Ken offfered to make breakfast, but this time he only gave her the fattening mix, not the "funny one", the very one that would slowly cause her to balloon up.
In work Kelly could only think of food. She brought several sneaker bars but her hunger did not abate. She tried to exercise in the gym but her hunger called, haughty and mighty demandning to be heard.
Kelly gave up and headed home. Home where her husband was waiting for her.

This time the same happened again, she woke up in front of the TV at eight o'clock full.

She thought to herself that she was really becoming a sleppy eater!
Ken cound't always stuff her and drug her, so he decided to alternate meals with "special sauce."

On the sixth day of the diet Kelly felt really bad. Any Doctor would have noticed something weird with Kelly, unfortunately her husband was smarter that that and had paid a man to pretend to be her Doctor. He only grunted that irregularities in her period could cause morning sickness.
Kelly felt relived, she didn't think she was redy to be pregnant as she first suspected.

That day she returned to home and checked herslef on the mirror.
So this is just me eating more she thought to herself, remebering the previous five days of hyper eating.
She was five pounds heavier, a little layer of food covering her previously toned abs.

She put on clothes and noticed the tiniest flab pinching her up.
And made nothing of it.
Kelly then decided to go on a diet that Thursday.
She really tried and exerted her willpower and body at the gym and overdid it but did not hurt herself.
But her husband stlaked her. Her husband folllowed her and entered the gym.

Kelly felt a hand grasping her by the side in the showers and startling jumped, but she then saw her husband and calmed down.
She finished showering and gave him a kiss and was prepared to begin round two when the water she drank made her fell sleepy.
She then woke up at MacDonald's alone.
She shrugged off as she felt really tired and remembered that her Doctor told her that fatigue could follow with some slight disorientation.
Of course this was a complete and total emergency for Ken. He could simply keep on ruffing her, but she was bound to notice, so he hoped this would work out.

His wife then started to leave the establishment when her stomach gurgled.

And gurgled again.

But she said no to herslef.
Her husband crestfllaen was desperate.
And then on her car she turned around and ordered a burger!
Her husband was ectastic.
Now Kelly all by herslef started to follow up the gym routines with food. Soon she really enjoyed the feeling of being full food. She had associated feeding with sex and food with pelasure. So she started asking her husband to make bigger meals.

In the bed she even wanted to be fed, at first unconsciously, she liked to rub her own stomach, she rubbed her husband, and he rubbed hers.
And she one day thought the unthinkable, she wanted to be stuffed!
She wanted food inserted into her ass! Into her pussy, into her mouth! She wanted to be fed and be stuffed by every single hole that she had.
She felt dirty like a whore and immediately suppresed the ugly thought, thinking tha Ken would find this idea repulsive.

It was then the eleventh day. And she was ten pounds up.
Pudge covered a little bit of he belly. She shrugged this and thought that it was her fault for allowing herslef so much leeway.
Ken then started Phase three.
It started the folowin day in bed, when Ken "confessed" that he heard her whisper about food and sex and that he felt disgusted.
Kelly ever theshy one was mortally embarassed thinking that Ken must have heard of her once and once only fantasy of being food-***ed.
Ken smiled inside seeing her expression of sheer horror. And he said.
Dear you can be honest with me.

Feeling very guilty Kelly admitted that she didn't know what he had heard, but that Ken could always trust her.
Oh god she said I am such dirty rotten liar.
So then Ken asked if she could turn the ligths off during sex.
Why? She asked him.
Well being honest, he said, I feel ashamed of my body, he lied. Kelly felt so sad and guilty that she agreed.

After that she felt asleep. And Ken surpassed his misdeeds placing a moving dildo while he proceed to funnel more food into her body.
She looked comical, filled with food to the brim and moaning while high in her sleep beign ***ed by a plastic toy.
Ken masturbated whle seeing this, feeling the most happy in his life.
And now he said we begin.
The funnel slowly pushed a inflatable bag inside her stomach and he started pumping.

And pumping.

And pumping.

Whe she started crying in pain Ken topped.

And then Ken swapped all her clothes for smiliar looking ones, he and he alone would move each and very single day her clothes, using elastics and spandex hidden inside the clothes so that nobody would notice, or rather SHE wouldn't notice until it was too late.
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