chapter 1

Before listening to this hypnosis, get into a comfortable position and relax.

Think about the day you’ve had today. Hasn’t it been exhausting? You had not realized until now just how tired you are. Take a deep breath in, and then let it out. Focus on the heaviness that is overcoming your body and relax. Take a deep breath in, and then let it out slowly. Do this several times: in, out. In, out. In, out.

As you think about how very exhausted you are, your eyelids begin feeling very heavy, like they’re being weighed down. You feel like you need desperately to close them, but you don’t want to keep them closed yet. Close your eyes slowly, just for a second, and then open them again. You continue breathing deeply, and match the blinking of your eyelids to your slow, deep breaths. Open your eyelids and breathe in, close your eyelids and breathe out. Open, closed. Open, closed. Open, closed.

As you open and close your eyes, you notice that every time you open them, they become heavier and heavier, and it becomes harder to open them. Before long, you aren’t able to get them to open all the way, no matter how hard you try. Every attempt you make to open your eyes saps more and more of your energy, not just from your eyelids but from your whole body. You can feel the energy draining away from your limbs, as your arms and legs begin to feel like they’re weighted down with lead. You notice that you can’t move your arms and legs anymore, even if you try, just as your eyelids become so heavy you can no longer open them at all.

Now that your eyelids are locked closed, you can’t help but fall into a deep trance. Maybe you’re still trying to force your eyelids open, or maybe you’ve given up. Either way, all that effort you spent opening and closing them has drained energy from your mind, as well. You’re in a hazy, dreamlike state, where all you can pay attention to is my words. Forming your own thoughts is too difficult, and trying to do it anyway only exhausts you more. It’s easier to just give in, and it feels good, too. Just give in and sleep. Focus on my words and on the feeling of heavy tiredness that is overcoming your mind and body.

Now that you are fully relaxed, there’s nothing you can do to resist my words. You know that whatever you're told to do, you will do it without question, possibly without even realizing that this hypnosis caused you to do it. Your mind is like blank paper that these words are being written on in permanent ink.

Now, think about your weight. Maybe you’re fat, or maybe you are skinny. Either way, as you visualize your weight, your body looks far, far too thin to you. Visualizing your body, you worry that you may be so underweight that it could make you sick. The only solution to this problem is to grow fatter. Imagine your reflection swelling and plumping up, putting on first five, then ten, then twenty pounds. As long as you keep visualizing your body, your weight in your mind’s eye will continue increasing, and you realize that you desperately want your real body to match.

Now, think about food and drinks. Think of the most fattening things that you can consume. Without any regard for the taste, you feel a deep craving to eat as many calories as you can. Whatever has the most calories is what you are most craving, and you will settle for anything that’s available. These cravings are so strong that any time you aren’t eating, you have trouble thinking about anything other than your next meal, and you will remain ravenously hungry until you’ve eaten so much that you physically can’t take another bite without getting sick. Along with and in between meals, you will choose the highest calorie drinks you can find, and drink as much of them as you can. Any idea of upper limits or self restraint melts away, never to return. Any meal that doesn’t cause you to be so full it’s painful is profoundly unsatisfying, and you will feel the desperate urge to continue eating until you hit that limit. Any time you exercise, you feel compelled to eat at least 2000 calories immediately afterwards to make up for it.

You can't stop even if you want to. You’re no longer in control of your urges, or of what you eat and when. You are as powerless to resist binging on the most fattening food you can find as you are powerless to resist breathing. Any attempt to resist will only last a short time, will cause you severe discomfort, and will ultimately lead to you eating and drinking even more as you struggle to satisfy the burning cravings.

Now, visualize yourself eating and eating, stopping only to chug a large, fattening drink. You can almost feel your waistline expanding from all of the excessive food you are consuming, but it still isn’t enough to satisfy you. No matter how much you eat, you remain starving like you haven’t had a meal for days, ravenously shoveling down as much food as you can manage. Even after a stuffing so intense you cannot eat another bite, you’ll feel desperate to binge again as soon as there is any room in your stomach at all.

Now, on a count of three, all of these things come irreversibly and deeply ingrained in your mind. Any attempt to resist is doomed to failure, and will only make the effects of this hypnosis stronger and deeper. These commands are a part of you now. When you wake up from your trance, you will immediately feel the effects, and you will feel like you are starving. As soon as this hypnosis ends, you will get up, grab as much food as you can shove down your throat, and eat yourself into a food coma.

3, 2, 1, wake up.
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