chapter 1

Becco Ohning Perilgrasso, affectionately known as "Beck" came to America more for the chance to date fat girls, than for the educational opportunities. Life during his college stay was amazing. Compared to Europe, almost all of his female college counterparts were overweight by the standards for women back in the old country. And that was his true motivation.

Over his four years of college, Beck had more than his fair share of chubby and fat girls. His American friends jokingly called him the "Pig Master" as the Italian hunk was known for dropping his suave and persona only on girls that his buddies joked about.

However, true love alluded Beck. Becks mother Adele was dumbfounded, such a tall and handsome Italian boy "should have found someone by now", she would often say. Beck however remain unphased by his mother's criticisms and even contemplated never marrying. That is until he met Susan Anne Johnson, or Sue.

They met at the gym and the rest was history. Sue was very small by Beck's usual standards, but her beauty and impeccable wit, won the day over carnal lust "and besides", thought Beck, "even for a thin girl that works out all the time, she's got a big behind. I'm gonna make her fat", he often told himself. Little did Beck know, but Sue harbored the exact same feelings and desires for Beck. Both however felt too embarrassed to say anything to the other and they both wrongfully thought to withhold such information from the other, out of fear of rejection.

The thin and athletic couple dated for a few months, constantly watching what they ate in front of the other, vainly hoping that their counterpart would break and begin eating more.

Even though their waists remained static, their love proved dynamic. Within a few more months, they were engaged, a few months more and they were married.

At the wedding both Beck and Sue were happy to see that both sets of accompanying parents were extremely fat. Both hoped that the other would grow as fat as their parents, but remained silently vigil.

There honeymoon to the Bahamas was great. Both let their hair down, ate as much as they pleased, fucked, ate some more, drank, fucked, and ate even more. This went on for an entire month. Both encouraged the other to eat more, get a second dessert, and even ordered more for themselves in the hope that the other would eat more. Both rightfully assumed that they were fattening the other, and yet both failed to see the repercussions on their own bodies.
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