i didn't mean to go this far!

Chapter 1 - the beginnings of chub

Ali woke up from her and was just about to take a survey of her body when she heard her boyfriend Jake coming up the stairs. Damn it. She tried to at least get a chance, but he had covered her up with a sheet. The handcuffs were her idea, she was also into bondage stuff, but she also knew it was the only way she wouldn't back out of these creepy stuffing sessions. She felt full even after her nap, but she knew Jake would be coming with more food. He entered the room with what looked like a giant pizza, and wasted no time getting a slice up to Ali's lips.

"Just a couple more baby.."

Ali felt a wave of relief. She didn't have to eat the whole pizza! Maybe he could tell she was almost at a breaking point, maybe she finally getting fat enough and he is slowing down. Whatever the reason, she was grateful. She ate the pizza he was feeding her with quick enthusiasm, excited this session was about to end.

And then she noticed something under the pizza box. It was another pizza box.

Maybe this will be the last weekend. Maybe she will have to tell him that she's done. She had wasted every weekend for two months now indulging in his fantasy. But she knew deep down she would never tell him "no" to anything. She loved him and would do anything for him- even let him stuff a few extra pounds into her perfect body. She was a tight, 125 pound girl with DD breasts and a tiny waist. She could afford a few pounds, she figured. If the man she loved would want her more, it was worth it. She still thought it was a weird thing for him to want, but after two months it started to feel normal.


The first change she noticed was in her tits. They were large to begin with, but now they were spilling out the top of her bra. Under a shirt it looked like four boobs. The straps started to dig into her shoulders so tightly that they left painful red marks. And under the bottom of the bra, beneath the suffocating band of the bra, there was a tiny roll of flesh.

The next thing to change was her ass. Maybe he was right, maybe her body does put all my weight in the right places! She found it strangely exciting that her butt jiggled a bit when she walked now. She knew men were staring all the time.

The jiggling in the rest of her body was harder to get used to. 125 was actually the highest her weight had ever been. Nothing on her, aside from her tits, had ever bounced or swayed. She felt enormous, feeling her whole body quiver just from walking.
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Karenjenk 3 years
This is a really good one.
I like that the changes were believable
Some of your stories seem like they come from real life experiences?
Nok 6 years
love your story, and especially the last couple paragraphs. "knowing it is just the beginning". Great rhythm to your writing
GrowingLoveH... 6 years
Wow! 21 likes (so far) should tell you that this is one fantastic story! Nicely done, and it's a plausible explanation of her denial and the revelation of what is yet to come. Thanks for posting this.
QuebecFA 6 years
This is a very sexy story! I hope there will be a fifth chapter! ;-)