i see you

chapter 1

I see you out of the corner of my eye as I grab the lettuce tongs.
I see you, and I adjust myself so I can watch you better, not that anyone could miss you.
I see you, wide and waddling, shuffling to the Chinese kitchen in the back of the store.
I see you, and how each touch of your foot to the floor your body jiggles.
I see you, and how your shirt is clinging tightly to each round pound you have accumulated.
I see you, huffing and puffing, out of breath, even though the distance you've walked, waddled, is short.
I see you, walking past the thin CrossFit couple, who snicker at you and imitate your waddle after you pass.
I see you, and a child's eyes growing wide and pointing you out to their mom, SO FAT I hear them say.
I see you, chubby chipmunk cheeks turning red, but ignoring them.
I see you, thick blubbery turkey neck wobbling with each step.
I see you, your belly swaying with each step. Peeking from under your shirt.
I see you, as the salad I'm making becomes huge as I keep loading lettuce into the container while staring at your girth.
I see you, out of breath, telling the kitchen cook what you want.
I see you, licking your lips as the cook prepares your food.
I see you, absentmindedly rubbing a hand along your belly, seemingly surprised at how utterly large it was, and how low it hung.
I see you, waiting in anticipation for your food. Being a greedy pig.
I see you, getting the food and paying, and waddling to the dining area by the deli. I hurriedly pay for my salad and sit in the dining area also, you don't notice, too busy being a pig.
I see you choose a seat that will support your probable 450 pounds of jiggling flesh, barely but it holds under your titanic ass.
I see you douse your greasy fried food in sauce and bring it to your lips.
I see you as you wolf down the food quickly, not even savoring the food, being a greedy piggy.
I see you, your tight shirt getting tighter with each bite, getting droplets of sauce on it, adding more stains to the collection.
I see you, and the people glancing by, giggling at your greed, your girth, your gluttony.
I see you as you gulp the food down, you fat greedy sow.
I see you burp when the food is gone, patting your belly with satisfaction.
I see you, being satisfied at what a greedy hog you are.
I see you rubbing your enormous belly.
I see you, wanting more.
As I am.
I see you you fat piggy, keep eating.
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