i tried...

Chapter 1 - i tried to stop it...

...really I did.
I never wanted to end up this big.

I once was fit.
I used to jog.
But that was before I became a hog.

So many pastries...
...so many pies.
So many burgers with mountains of fries.

I softened up.
I expanded out.
I took up space and waddled about.

It's all her fault.
She kept me fed.
She barely let me leave the bed.

I'd try to rise
but she'd coerce me back down.
She's why I've gained so many pounds.

We met way back
when I was thin.
It's hard to overstate how enamored I'd been.

Her hair was on fire.
Her eyes were like seas.
Her smile would cause my breathing to seize.

I fell for her
right away.
Then she asked me how much I weighed.

I told her something
like, "one-sixty-four."
She told me that she wanted "much more."

She wanted to feed me
and help me to grow.
Who was I to tell her "no"?

"Besides," I thought...
"What's to regret?
"How big could I possibly get?"

So she fed me meals...
...she fed me snacks.
So many calories, I completely lost track.

My pants grew tight,
my shirts grew snug.
I even grew a huge pair of jugs.

I rounded out.
I became very wide.
I couldn't stop it, I swear that I tried.

Chairs would creak
and floorboards groaned.
I even cracked our porcelain throne.

Much of the weight
went to my ass,
causing my rear to bellow with gas.

The more I ate,
the more I'd break wind,
louder and deeper than when I was thin.

One morning I woke,
but I couldn't arise.
My belly had spread all over my thighs.

With a devious smirk,
she licked her full lips
and placed a hand on each of her hips.

I tried to sit up
while she smiled and she giggled,
but I only succeeded in torrential jiggles.

All my fat wobbled
and flowed all around me.
I grew tired and gave up quite quickly.

Another fart.
She fanned her face.
I wanted to run; to make her give chase.

But I was too heavy.
I was pinned to the bed.
Held down by all the things I'd been fed.

All the food fattening me
and keeping me weighed down,
all the things swelling me with pound after pound.

She began her approach...
...pushing a cart.
I whimpered in hunger and released one more fart.

I spoke to my mistress
in a series of blasts.
I communicated hunger by way of my ass.

I licked my plump lips
as I saw the fork loaded.
My last meal still with me and keeping me bloated.

She fed me more
despite my current state.
She gave me this appetite that was impossible to sate.

I moaned out of pleasure.
I moaned in relief.
My butt even moaned in a gaseous release.

But I continued to gorge.
I continued to eat,
long after my belly had eclipsed my feet.

So here I am now,
too fat to leave,
with a body so huge, most wouldn't believe.

Excuse me, I'm sorry.
You're disgusted, I can tell.
I promise, you'll soon get used to the smell.

Because I'll only grow fatter
and swell much more wide.
I just can't stop eating...believe me, I tried.​
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Laser 1 year
Th3f4t5ide 3 years
Thanks Karen! So glad you liked it!
Karenjenk 3 years
this is sooo cute. i love it!
Th3f4t5ide 5 years
Thank you, Germanda!!
Th3f4t5ide 5 years
Thanks, wayTooThin!
WayTooThin 5 years
Very nice! Now if it were only real
Th3f4t5ide 5 years
Thank you so much, bontaque! So glad you liked it!
Bon 5 years
This is so good!