imp tales

chapter 1: an introduction is in order

Imp Manor (present day)

I sit the head of the table. Short, horned, red skin and in a business suit I ponder what to do with my new found status as an unbound demon. A demon of Gluttony to be exact. Ah gluttony the sweetest of sins. The sin of hunger, not that I don't enjoy inflicting other sins on mortals, or other demons even.

'it is nice to be free', I think as I reminisce of one of my most recent 'blessed'. A once slim brat that I set my powers on, Vicky, I think her name was...


*Meeting Vicky Wellworth.*
Jungle Gym (4 years ago)

Vicky was a valley girl. Hair dyed blond, newest fashions at a rich BFs expense, and an attitude of shallow superiority. She was a flake and so we're her friends, and when things were even slightly imperfect, a little fake whine to daddy would set things right. That was Vicky, a waste of reality, but a perfect target for me.

It was back before I had my name or my freedom, though that never stopped me from using one to get by, especially when in human form. Like the say Vicky got my attention.

"Welcome to Jungle Gym. My name mark, how can I help you today.", I said from behind the counter.

"Like I need, like ah sign up for a class. I want to try like the yoga class. So ya, make it happen shorty.", was Vicky's first words to me.

"Of course Miss. Can I see your membership?", I've gotten very good at smiling at those that annoy me. You see I worked here at my master's command. My master owned the gym, and enjoyed seeing her servants work in environments that opposed their nature.

"Like of course, don't you know who I am runt? I am Vicky Wellworth, my family probably makes more in a month then you will your whole life. So let's get this moving.", was Vicky's answer.

In fact I did know her family, mostly because her grandfather had made a deal of greed for his soul. Stupidity must run in the family. "My mistake Ms. Wellworth. We have classes at 10am or 4pm Tuesdays and Thursdays. We have a few spots open."

"4", Vicky spat out before adding, "and there better not be any fatties in the class.". I now am tempted to mes with this rich brat. Thin body framed and the odd surgical correcting. Looking deeper within I sense with things beyond sight. Low appetite, high metabolism, and diet pills, Disgusting. Let's just make a minor change, master wouldn't know. And with a shift of the brat's biology, her body will now reject those diet pills.

"All registered Miss. Will see you soon.", I say with a grin.

"Creep", she whispers as she walks away.

(so first attempt of a story on here. Hope not too dull a start, hoping to do much more. Let me know what you think of this short intro.)
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Zurea 5 years
Love it! There's some minor spelling errors but the content is amazing and makes it easy to look past.
You have a good sense for writing, I look forward to the future installments.
GrowingLover 5 years
Looking at this fun interesting story so far, I'd wager that it is nearing the 45% in its journey as this is the secondary conflict to build up "Mark". As they say the bigger they are the harder they fall. Brodden being bigger and overly confident in his
Hellofang2000 5 years
No update yet. Rereading and planning to start again soon.
Nicolas Eric 5 years
any updates for some reason this poped up as new
Akwolfgrl13 6 years
Very nice
Hellofang2000 7 years
@martim92 - not at all. Just been very busy trying to find time to write the Las few weeks. More to come.
Martim92 7 years
This is the ending?
Hellofang2000 7 years
Thank you. I will keep that in mind the next time a scene like that arises.
Jahmescohen 7 years
you should try doing body descriptions with her weigh ins, or her fittings, they'd go together perfectly... aside from that, this story is pretty good
Hellofang2000 7 years
Re: plumpsoftkitty

Yim hellofang2000
PlumpSoftKitty 7 years
Won't let me message any more today. Any other way to chat?
PlumpSoftKitty 7 years
Can not wait for more smiley
Moonsilk 7 years
More please
Hellofang2000 7 years
Thank you for feedback. Will try and clean up spelling mistakes later. Hopefully, much more to come.
Knightorder 7 years
I'm intrigued. Do go on.

(PS, there's a few minor spelling mistakes towards the end).